Happy New Year. Tijuana style.

This morning we got up around 10am.  We were planning on taking in some air while walking round Strathclyde Park, but that idea was shot down when we started piecing together what lay ahead.  That, my friends, was a New Year get-together with the family.  The host on this occasion: my brother, Matt.  We were to be there at 2pm.  First up we were picking up parental unit #1, so that meant we were leaving in just a few hours.  No later than 1:40.

So, we casually got ourselves together and laid out some breakfast – some of the bread we made yesterday covered in butter and a strawberry jam that we’d made during the summer (but cracked open a few days ago) and a mug of coffee.  We listened to a fair bit of the Buena Vista Social Club album as we ate and shot the breeze about the day ahead.  The Buena Vista Social Club CD has been a favourite in our home for a while, but we’ve rediscovered it after watching the documentary just last week.

When we made it to Matt’s, my sister, brother-in-law and nephew were there already.  Matt had them listening to Nebraska on his new record player.  Soon, he had us listening to some Bowie and Kraftwerk.  But that stuff came after he decided to treat us all to Lennon & McCartney Tijuana Style.

2017-05-14 13.16.53

I’ve had a look and there’s no Wiki entry for The Torero Band or this record, so I can’t even offer up any background info on this 1969 find.  All I can tell you is that the sleeve notes claim that this is the greatest songs of Lennon & McCartney given the Tijuana treatment – a sound borrowed from the mariachi street bands of Mexico.  It’s certainly a record you can call sunny, but it’s more of a swing record than an authentic Tijuana record.  Imagine if Frank Sinatra recorded 12 Beatles songs in the style of The Girl from Ipanema and you’re pretty much there.

Anyhoo, Matt explained that he found this in a charity shop for 50p and it certainly made him smile and pull some moves.  So, while, I certainly wouldn’t urge anyone to track this one down, if you see it going for a nice price at a local charity shop I wouldn’t discourage you from bopping your head to some sunny horn and marimba renditions of some of your favourite Beatles tracks.

Before we left I requested Jane’s Addiction and Screaming Trees.  Now that’s what I call music.


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