Thanks, I’ll Buy It Here


Thanks, I’ll Eat it Here is the only solo album from Lowell George.  I hadn’t heard this one prior to picking it up yesterday  in the Record Fayre for £2.99, but I do like Little Feat and thought it was about time I picked this up.

Lowell George passed away shortly after this was released and while it’s been said he was in poor health during the recording of this album he’s on particularly stunning form.  He sounds like he’s at the top of his game (his vocals throughout are incredible) and he delves into territory he explored during the best days of Little Feat.  In fact, there’s a brilliant version of Two Trains on here, which is a highlight from Little Feat’s Dixie Chicken album.

What Do You Want The Girl To Do is a perfect opener and is a highlight alongside Honest Man, Cheek To Cheek, Easy Money and the wonderful Twenty Million Things.  This really is a stunning record and, I guess, a fitting goodbye.  I’m pleased that I picked this up.


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