Moby & Mark Lanegan – The Lonely Night (2013)

The Odd Couple

So, I first heard about this Record Store Day release a few weeks ago and thought “oh, that’ll be interesting”.  Mark Lanegan is one of my favourite artists since, well, since I heard Screaming Trees’ Dust.  However, I can’t claim to be a huge fan of Moby.  I did, however, dig both his 100 million zillion selling Play and it’s follow-up, 18.

Anyhoo, Moby threw the track up on YouTube a few days and I checked it out this evening after work (which reminds me: Stone Gossard’s single).  I actually really like it.  Much like the best of Moby’s work, it has a real simple relaxed vibe and Lanegan adds some hushed, dusky vocals (similar to his work on the quieter Soulsavers numbers).  A perfect match.  It’s a twilight pace that moves along with a time-lapse video of some desert landscapes.  Sweet.  Check it out below.


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