“That Jimmy Page is always at it …”


One of my oldest friends was over tonight.  We shot the breeze, listened to the latest songs that his band are putting together and played some Xbox.  When it came to music he offered up his iPod for some shuffle action, but I declined that knowing all to well that of the 10,000 songs he has on that thing 9,988 of them are Pearl Jam.  Instead, I put my own into the docking station built into the stereo.

After a few skip-this-one scenarios I asked if there was anything he wanted to hear.  There wasn’t, so knowing his love for Greg Dulli I put on The Afghan Whigs1965 (1998) (he doesn’t have a love for Dulli or The Afghan Whigs, but Lord help me I’ll drill it into him!).  1965 had snatched ‘favourite-Afghan-Whigs-album’ status from Black Love around 2006, but Black Love reclaimed that crown last year.  Still, 1965 is an astounding record and one that my friend was right about when he said it was their most accessible.  And from his humming along to every song, I reckoned that I’m getting there with the drilling.

Afterwards I treated him to Led Zeppelin IV (1971).  I knew that he’d dig that one, y’see.  I also explained to him that it’s the only album of theirs that I can claim to like (and I like it a great deal) and while I do like other bits and bobs, I just can’t get into any other Led Zeppelin albums.  He says he feels the same about The Doors.  the thing is, I say, The Doors don’t have Jimmy Page.  Jimmy Page, I say, is always ripping folks off.  We joke about Pearl Jam ripping off Going to California … and I’m serious about Jimmy Page ripping of Spirit’s Taurus.  Then, when IV is done I let him hear some Spirit before he goes.

Just cause he’s never listened to them.  I hope his ears are open to them now.


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