Craig Hughes – Old Witch Cast A Spell (2013)

Old Witch Cast A SpellWhen I decided to document what I was listening over the year I had no intention of making a note of every song, as that just wouldn’t make sense.  Well, maybe it would, but it would be way too much work.  I realise that this is the second individual track that I’ve noted here.  But, I guess the odd song is okay.

This one here is a sort of ‘one-off’ release from Craig Hughes.  Not a one-off in the sense that it’s the only thing he’ll ever release, but in the sense that he threw it together and uploaded it on a stream only basis over at Soundcloud.  According to Mr. Hughes it’s a quick reworking of a track he’d had kicking around for a while.

Writing material for the Hard Times: Volume 1 EP last year, I was looking through some old lyrics when I came across one called Old Witch Cast A Spell, which I must have written a couple of years ago.  I worked on it briefly, thinking of a kind of Woody Guthrie/early Dylan vibe.  I looked at it again with the album in mind but ultimately decided against using it.  It wasn’t really working and anyway I just felt that it would be instantly dated as I reckoned that the titular Old Witch wouldn’t be around too much longer …

I really dig it.  It’s got a real scuzzy sound to it, with Hughes’ vocals distorted and somewhat sinister.  A gem of a track … and one with some relevance too.

You can hear the track and read Craig’s blog about it over here.


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