The Doors, Ry Cooder and ZZ-bloody-Top

Sometimes you make plans.  Sometimes those plans don’t go quite according to plan.  When the plan involves a night of good chat and Gears of War I have doubts about it actually happening like that.  The good chat will be there, but often the Gears of War part fails to materialise.  Why?  Well, Football Manager.


Tonight it was more than Football Manager.  Vinyl was the real spanner in the works.  Early in the afternoon I had a browse around the racks of Missing.  I had no intention of buying anything, y’see … I just fancied a look around.  So off I went.  Looking around.  However, looking around resulted in spotting ZZ Top’s Eliminator for £2.  Spotting Eliminator meant £2 had to be spent … and, well, it had to be listened to.  The back story here is the fact that I’d been close to buying this album twice over the last 4 weeks.  When I say close, I mean scuppered on two occasions:

  • There was no bloody vinyl!  Just the cover!
  • The vinyl is in 4 bloody pieces!

My Gears of War lieutenant also happened to be fond of vinyl, so after taking a look through my collection and spotting Strange Days, our xbox plans were put on hold.  You can’t play Gears of War without sound.  And you cannot, absolutely cannot have gunfire and dialogue over The bloody Doors.  So, the compromise: vinyl and Football Manager.

As well as Strange Days (1967) and Waiting For The Sun (1968) by The Doors and Ry Cooder (1970), I got the chance to hear Eliminator (1983).  Though, in a slightly different manner than intended.  We listened to the first side, The Doors, Ry Cooder, and then threw on Side B.  It struck us both how terrible Legs is.  It’s a pop song.  Played by ZZ Top.  The rest of the side failed to grab me.  But I think it just didn’t have the momentum following that gap.  Still, the first side was ace.

We chatted some about what’s been going on, appreciated the warmth of the vinyl – each little skip, pop and crackle – and enjoyed the evening despite the scuppered plans.  And you know what?  We had a great night.


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