Mayday Mayday!


It’s a Bank Holiday Monday and it’s been a nice lazy morning.  The kind of morning that called for some coffee and some of the delicious carrot cake that my wife baked last night.  Oh, and why not throw on some Billy Joel?

I can’t say that I’m at all familiar with any of Billy Joel’s albums.  In fact, the only tracks I know are The River of Dreams, Tell Her About It and Uptown Girl – two of which appear on An Innocent Man.  It’s those last two songs that made the 50p price-tag on this record all the more attractive.

This morning my wife and I shared some jokes and considered how very welcome this record is.  There’s a real 50s and 60s vibe going on.  Obviously I was familiar with Uptown Girl and Tell Her About It, but there’s absolutely no denying that all ten tracks here are brilliantly crafted pop songs that pay homage to the sounds of a long-gone era.

It wouldn’t be outlandish to say that the songs have structure and vibe that give off a feeling of familiarity.  A feeling of “I know this song?” or “who did the original?”.  In that respect it almost plays like a compilation record.  Or a covers album.  For example, the opening track, Easy Money, sounds like a Wilson Pickett cut and there’s also a few numbers that could even be Ben E. King or The Drifters (the title track An Innocent Man has a serious Drifters vibe).  It’s no bad thing, though – this is a really great pop record.  An a steal at 50p.


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