An evening of Spirit and Gears of War


Another Gears night rolls around only this one differs from the last few as, well, we actually get round to playing some Gears of War!  Excellent!  We also spent some time drinking tea, eating cookies and listening to music – particularly Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood’s Black Pudding and Spirit’s The Family That Plays Together.

Before putting on The Family That Plays Together I tell my friend that this is one of my favourite albums.  Easily in my top 5 and one that I’ve rediscovered since picking it up on vinyl.  Spirit, I told him, have been one of those bands that I keep going back to and one that have influenced me in many ways over the years.

The evening did include some other little bits and pieces – De La Soul and selections from Spirit’s Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus – but it was a night where we shot the breeze and my friend discovered the delights of Spirit.

Before he said his goodbyes he sang the theme for Let’s Pretend over Mr. Skin … and YouTube proved that he was absolutely correct.


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