Mixed Up Records in Glasgow’s West End is a smashin’ place to find some vinyl bargains.  I really don’t think we’ve walked out of that place empty handed!

Today we bumped into a good friend who was also having a trawl through the racks.  I had The Everly Brothers’ Original Greatest Hits in my hand when I met him and I told him how chuffed I was at finding this for just £1.  A few minutes later I stumbled upon The Best of Merle Haggard in another one of their ‘bargain bins’.  Again just £1.  That’s one serious vinyl bargain and such a great collection of songs.

When I got home my wife got the coffee going and I convinced her that The Everly Brothers were more than just childhood memories of parents having parties (we all had parents that played The Everly Brothers, right?).  The harmonies are pretty incredible and if you listen to anything that most of the mid-to-late-sixties pop groups were doing you can trace it right back to those two.

The Best of Merle Haggard, though, that was the real treat.


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