Back to Black

Last year I had undertaken a transfer of all my CDs to a lossless format for digital listening, as everything I had was 128kbps MP3 files and, well, that just didn’t quite cut it.  The lossless audio has been grand, though I relaxed my digital rules towards the end of 2012 converting stuff to a high quality AAC to make the files smaller, etc.  Bottom line was, I guess, that I had the music on CD it didn’t make too much of a difference, as I’d be listening through the stereo.  Unless, of course, I was ‘on the move’.


This year the has seen me become something of a vinyl enthusiast.  My brother gave me a record player back in March and the format of choice has switched from CD to that big black slice of awesomeness.  There’s just something about vinyl … and I didn’t get that before.  I mean, my memories of vinyl had been Rod Stewart, Dire Straits or Eagles records that my parents had (choice picks there) and my own adventure in the late 90s (which lasted as long as the old record player).  Now I’m hearing and feeling it.  So I’ve taken to this format big style.  Catching up, you could say.  Despite having the CDs, I decided that I’d try get my favourite albums on vinyl if they were cheap enough – and I’ve given it a good go, too.  Getting to know the likes of The Family That Plays Together, Ritual de lo Habitual, Born to Run and Orange Blossom Special all over again has not just reminded me what I love about those albums, but the listening experience is completely new.  They sound vibrant, full of sounds I never heard before …

Don’t get me wrong, while my listening at home has almost exclusively been via the record player, I love music regardless of the format.  I listen to music at home, in the car, on the move … just about any place I can.  This year has just been a little bit special cause I’ve gotten to know some of my favourite albums on a different format … and I’ve been turned on to some stuff that I just can’t believe I’d ignored, while discovering some truly wonderful, and bizarre, rarities.

So, I sit here sifting through the vinyl and inserting the two treats I got for my Christmas (an knowing I’m a sucker for lists), I reckon I’ll be compiling a list of my top vinyl treats of the year here very soon …

… but not too soon, cause the year aint over yet and you just don’t know what you might find.


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