New addition: Duke Ellington – The Popular Duke Ellington (1966)

We haven’t been over at Mixed Up Records in a while and today we thought “why not?  It’s Monday and we’re on holiday”.  So this afternoon we took a trip over.

I was convinced that I was gonna find something really special.  Perhaps that copy of Highway 61 Revisited, Black Sabbath’s Masters of Reality, Nebraska or AC/DC’s Highway to Hell, even … heck, y’know, just something that you would know was special when you held it.

There was a few records on my list – Disraeli Gears, Blonde on Blonde, Black Crowes’ Shake Your Money Maker … and even that copy of Highway 61 Revisited.  But now just didn’t feel like the time for picking them up.  Does that make sense?

Anyhoo, while I didn’t quite feel in the mood to just get one of those ‘list’ records, the “crate digging” was worthwhile when I spotted this.  A discarded treasure for just £1.  My Lord, is it wonderful.


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