A day at the (record) fair

adayatthefairNot the best record fair I’ve attended throughout the years.  Not really a great deal that caught my eye. In fact, while I didn’t see a great deal myself, my wife managed to spot two records that I was after.

She picked up Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska while I was flicking through another box.  “This?”.  Indeed.  At £7 I mulled it over a bit.  Even put it back in the box.  It’s a record I’m after, but I was fairly certain I could pick it up a bit cheaper.

It was one of the other 4 stalls that she spotted the pick of the day.  Harry Nilsson’s The Point.  I’d actually been looking for some more Harry Nilsson, so this was an awesome find.  A beautiful copy complete with the art inner … and all for a nice £5.

On the way out I decided I was gonna nab that copy of Nebraska.  Cause it’s Nebraska.  It was a wee bit more than I’d planned on paying, but it’s an album I’m fond of and so it’d get it’s fair share of spins.

On the way home we were talking about how I used to go to record fairs many years ago and flick through the CDs.  Like last time I popped along here, I didn’t even glance at them.


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