New vinyl records …

newboxI’ve added a couple of new records to my collection this month (don’t I every month??).  Two weeks ago while out and about in the City Centre, my wife and I popped into Missing where I spotted Steve Earle’s Copperhead Road for £4.


Now, this isn’t my favourite Steve Earle album, but I’m very fond of about half of the ten songs on here.  Fortunately, that happens to be Side A.  Which is really why I bought it.  Well, the real reason is Snake Oil and The Devil’s Right Hand.

The other three records represent my first ebay record purchases … ZZ Top’s Deguello, The Beach Boys’ Surf’s Up and Pearl Jam’s Vs.  All weighing in at a combined £27.56 (inc. postage).  While I was initially regretting the impulsive madness of the Vs. purchase, I was fairly excited to open the packages when the arrived on Wednesday.  Thank you, mister postman!

Deguello and Surf’s Up have had their spins … and man did I enjoy them.  Particularly Deguello.  That was one that Craig Hughes has recommended to me when I started really exploring the albums of ZZ Top.  It’s got all all the trademarks in there.  It really has.  Surf’s Up was an album that I’ve been fond of when I started getting into The Beach Boys.  

Particularly Brian Wilson-ear Beach Boys.  I’d bought a number of the 2-for-1 reissue CDs and Surf’s Up really stood out as one of their brilliant, brilliant albums.  So it’s really nice to hear that on vinyl.

… today, though, is the first proper run-through of Vs.  I’ll save you a blow by blow, but it’s fairly mighty and earthy.  There’ll be folks more familiar with the vinyl than the CD.  I’m the opposite.  I’ve had that CD for 19 years and while I don’t own many Pearl Jam albums anymore, that one will always stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the best albums I’m ever hear.  For a number of reasons.  The vinyl, though … it’s a completely different listen and another case of getting to know something all over again.

Maybe now having the vinyl on the shelf will result n ‘the letting go’ of that CD.  I dunno.


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