The Handover

I’m not sure if it’s been intentional, but over the course of the 12 months I’ve had the record player friends have sorta helped me on my way with the record collection.

In fact, not only did my brother give me the record player, he handed me a record to start off my collection.  That record was Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.  Which just happened to be one of my favourite albums.  Ever.

As more of my friends became aware that I had a record player conversations focused on the warmth of vinyl and they too gave me a record to help me on my way.  Not all would have been albums that I would have thought to pick up, no sir, but they most certainly have become some of my favourites.  Friends thought they’d interest me.  They were right.

So, it’s become something that I’m gonna make a tradition.  Cause it’s a pretty wonderful gesture – the passing on of something to help start or kick start a friend’s collection.

A few weeks ago a good friend o’ mine bought a record player.  We’ve been friends a number of years and the last few times he’d been over for a visit we pretty much spent the evenings listening to our favourite albums on vinyl.  He threatened to dig out his old vinyl and bring it over and the conversation swiftly focused on him rediscovering that vinyl on his own.  Soon we were talking about record players and such.  Well, he went and done it.  Dug out his collection and bought himself a player.

It’s a very fine collection, too … but I wanted to give him something to ‘kick start’ it.  So, I decided to put this one aside for him.  De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising.  It’s a record he digs and, most importantly, it’s one he’ll enjoy playing.  So it’s his.

… and you know what, it sits real nice among his other stuff.  


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