New additions: my first ‘reissued vinyl’.

So.  It was my birthday this week and knowing how totally immersed I am in music, and vinyl, my wife picked me up a couple of my favourite albums.  Both originally released in 1994 – Stone Temple Pilots’ Purple (the MoV reissue on black vinyl) and Johnny Cash’s American Recordings (the new, and very nice, 180 gram reissue). I had both of these on CD, but had been keen on getting my hands on the vinyl.  In fact, over the last 12 months I’d lost out on copies of the original issues when the bidding on ebay got a little to pricey.  To be expected, I guess.  I guess I was never really willing to pay too much for the original pressing of Purple.  Mostly because everything I’d read had suggested it was sorta flat. Anyhoo, I haven’t heard the original vinyl pressings of either of these, so really have nothing to compare them to in that respect.  However, against the CD it’s clear there’s a difference.  I think.  Purple is certainly more dynamic … I felt that straight off when Meatplow kicked in.

I love both of these and I’ll certainly be posting my thoughts when I listen a bit more.  I’m sure my wife is pleased to hear these echo throughout the house as she tries to get some work done …


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  1. mikeladano says:

    Does the Cash have vinyl bonus tracks? I know American IV was supposed to.


    1. J. says:

      Hey! Thanks for stopping by!

      No bonus tracks on here, no – it’s exactly the same as the original press. I haven’t looked at American IV, but I would guess the bonus tracks on there are Witchita Lineman and Big Iron. Possibly. I know they were on the CD (or at least mine).


      1. mikeladano says:

        That sounds right actually. My understanding is that those versions are slightly different mixes from the ones that are on the Unearthed box set. So that LP has been on my radar for that reason.


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