New vinyl records

A couple of new Additions over the last week.  Four of them.  Two being double LPs.  Popped into Mixed Up Records for the first time in a while last Saturday.  There’s been some changes since I last visited.  Subtle changes, but changes.  And they have some new records.  New as in brand new.  This is good.  Not because I’d necessarily hit the new records box.  It’s just nice to see a bunch of new records in an independent store.

Anyhoo, as always I spotted a whole host of stuff I could have spent money on, but I decided to opt for Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks (1975) and Violent Femmes debut (1983).  Blood On The Tracks is another of my favourite Dylan records, so it’s nice to have that.  In fact, it’s basically a toss of a coin between this and Highway 61 Revisited.  Violent Femmes is still a fine album.  Plus it’s got Blister In The Sun and Gone Daddy Gone on there.

Earlier in the day I had popped into my local delivery office to pick up a missed parcel from the day before. I was fairly excited about this, as it was The Afghan Whigs’ Do To The Beast.  First album in 16 years!!  Two LPs.  That’s four sides of new Afghan Whigs awesomeness.  The blow, though, was the skip during Royal Cream on side D.  Ouch.  Still, the album is a cracker and a replacement is on the way. So yeah the disappointment is somewhat eased.

The last of the 4 is probably my pick of the bunch.  Blues Funeral by the Mark Lanegan Band.  I’ve had this on CD, but since the record player entered the home it’s been on my list.  I was out a wander on Tuesday at lunch and found myself in a high street entertainment store.  They were having some ‘massive stock clearance’ with a mighty ‘up to 70% off’.  Usually means ‘selling-all-the-same-stuff-on-sale-that-we-can’t-get-rid-of-even-when-it’s-on-sale’.  In fairness it was much the same.  I had a look at the vinyl selection and spotted Blues Funeral.  A nice wee 10% off.  So, that was probably the best £15 I’ve spent in a while.

Blood on the Tracks – £7
Violent Femmes – £5
Do To The Beast – £16
Blues Funeral – £15


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  1. 45spin says:

    You should do a review on the Afghan Whigs, I’ve been on the fence on this record as every time I buy a comeback LP it’s never as good as the band I remember.


    1. J. says:

      There’s one sitting in the drafts. Although the listening experience has been somewhat hampered by the skip on side D, the album is pretty brilliant.

      Like you, I’ve been underwhelmed by the whole ‘comeback album’ thing, but this exceeded my expectations.


      1. 45spin says:

        You just convinced me to buy it. Thanks.


      2. J. says:

        If you’re looking at picking up the vinyl I would hold off until Sub Pop has it listed on the Mart – there’s a note on there regarding a flaw on Side D (explains issues with my copy …)


  2. 1537 says:

    Blues Funeral is an immense album – Ode to Sad Disco is one of my fave tracks of the last few years, easy.


    1. J. says:

      It is. I still remember my first listen to the CD when I checked it in the tray. It was one of those Holy Smokes moments. It was that good. And folks that didn’t like, or hadn’t heard of, Lanegan felt the same. It’s an all-timer.


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