ZZ Top, Elvis and Dolly!

more recordsPopped into Record Fayre today and picked up a few records.  While I’m not one to be fussed with collecting different versions and such likes, I replaced my German WB press of ZZ Top’s Fandango with the very nice London one (with the nice plum labels).  The record itself is near mint, so I couldn’t leave it sitting there – could I?

I’d also been looking for another Elvis album and spotted this pretty excellent 40 Greatest Hits collection for a mere £2.  A no-brainer, really.  It’s an album that my parental units owned and the album that I’d used to create a mixtape (a good ol’ C-60) when I was discovering the sounds of that side-burned greaser.  So yeah, I’m fond of this one …

… the Dolly collection was my wife’s choice.  A fine one, too.  It’s about time we had a Dolly record.



    1. You been going on a Monday?

      … it’s either a Monday or Tuesday that it’s closed. I think it’s a Monday. Pretty certain.


    1. I was pleased as punch by these finds until I got home and gave the Elvis one a spin. Few scratches on both records that I really didn’t think would disrupt the listening, but turns out the first record is virtually unplayable. Still, It’s a record I’ve seen often enough to replace it. And I will.


    1. Hey – cheers for dropping by! The Record Fayre is always bound to throw some nice wee gems at you (can’t remember the last time I left there without picking something up).


      1. Your welcome! Your site looks great. Can’t wait to read more about your collection.

        I’m the same. Last time I went in I got a Yngwie Malmsteen record I’d been looking for for ages. Great condition and great price. That shop seems to have been there forever too! They must be doing something right!


      2. Cheers! Appreciated!

        I actually used to go there for CDs and tapes when I was a teenager and it’s been grand going back after a good decade or so of walking by and saying “I used to go there for CDs and tapes when I was a teenager!”

        … but aye, I’m fond of the place and reckon it’s one of the best for picking up a bargain.


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