8 new record albums.

Bit of a delayed post this one.  The fact that I need to head into town tomorrow to return one of my records reminded me that I had yet to ‘publish’ a post.

*Phosphorescent is going back.  Warped.  Urgh.




    1. It’s the MoV re-issue of Dust. Another all-timer. Finally replaced my original copy (warped). I’ll need to check out your thoughts on both those albums …


    1. Yeah. Couldn’t ignore the ‘need’ to get them any longer.

      Muchacho was fairly disappointing, yeah. Looking at the record you wouldn’t really think it’d be a problem, but it sounds like an ol’ tape that’s been played too many times. Still, I’m gonna pop in to the shop today and hopefully get a replacement copy. That’ll make my Thursday. You bet.


    1. Boomer’s Story is his third album. Certainly worth checking out – if only for the title track, Rally Round the Flag, and the appearance of Sleepy John Estes. Oh, and The Dark End of the Street. Man, that never gets old.


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