Last weekend at the Record Fair

Right.  Yet again I managed to let a few weeks pass by without posting something here or dropping in on some of my favourite blogs.  Been a mixture of day job, having some thoughts to jot down elsewhere, and finding time a bit difficult to hold onto long enough to scribble something down for the folks who pay this place a visit.  Where does the time go, I ask you!?

Anyhoo, pleased to say that despite all the other bits and bobs my time management skills really shone last weekend when I learned of a record fair that was pitching up fairly close to the place I call home.  Nice!  The time management didn’t stretch as far as writing a post, though.  But I did spend a nice wee bit o’ time digging and picked up a couple o’ nice record albums.  Even found time to give each of them a spin or two (well, Dire Straits there hasn’t had a spin yet).

So yeah, two favourites of mine purchased.  Johnny Cash At San Quentin (£6) has been on my list a while and although I did mull it over a bit, I was pretty pleased to find it.  See, I’ve been so used to the extended reissue and thought about it being in a different order and only 10 songs and the censoring, etc etc … but it’s been pretty wonderful listening to this one and Bob Johnston’s production.  The Band is a truly brilliant record and one that I was chuffed to nab (maybe even a wee leap with glee).  A near mint copy (’85 reissue, I believe) for £7.  Marvellous.

The back three were part of a 3 for £5 deal.  Unfortunately the copy of Rumours has a what looks like a chunk taken out of Gold Dust Woman, causing a fair bit of popping.  No idea how I missed that.  Urgh.  Still, not too much of a loss.

Overall, I was fairly pleased.  As was my wife, who is now the owner of a smashin’ slice of The Mamas and the Papas vinyl.  Hurrah!

… now I’m thinking about my next ‘All-timer’ post.  Double hurrah, right?


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  1. I keep missing the record fairs! Where was this one?


    1. J. says:

      It was in the Rutherglen Exchange. Friend alerted me to it. I’ve marked a few in my calendar – this Sunday over in the West End (in the Sparkle Horse) and one at the QMU on the 20th.


      1. Didn’t know about that one at all. Thanks for the heads up about the other two! The only one I go to with any regularity is the QMU one.


      2. J. says:

        No worries at all! The QMU fair is always pretty good for a dig. Even when its a case o’ slim pickings you know there’s gonna be something worthwhile …


      3. Yes I’ve always came away with something. And its quite near the Oxfam music on Byres Rd so you get two chances of finding something! Ever been to the one they do in the Concert Hall?


      4. J. says:

        Have not, no! This is news to me and I will most definitely need to keep an eye out for that!


  2. stephen1001 says:

    I don’t know the mamas & papas one – but those other 3 are gems, good finds!


    1. J. says:

      It’s a compilation (one of many!): The Best of The Mamas & the Papas – California Dreamin’. Full o’ nice psychedelic pop ditties and such. All the hits, all of the time (as you’d expect). A sweet listen.


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