Heavy psychedelic dreaming

It’s been a bit of a strange week around these parts, but it was pretty spiffy to come home on Friday there and find this waiting for me – Spirit’s marvellous Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus.  I bought this on vinyl back in September, but couldn’t resist this nice copy when I spotted it on eBay.  Nice yellow label in the tidy gatefold.  In seriously awesome condition, too.

Managed to nab it for £5.50.  With postage of £3.50 that made this a healthy £9.00.  Given it’s one of the greatest albums ever recorded*, and one of my personal favourites, I reckon was a win.

The other copy I have is now going towards ‘stock’ for a record fair project that I’m hoping to do within the next 6 months.  That’s something I’ve been talking about doing for a while, so it’s nice to have that to look forward to.



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  1. Is this by Spirit? Never heard them!


    1. Paul Kerr says:

      You’re in for a treat then!


    2. J. says:

      Indeed it is! Just realised I posted absolutely nothing on there to suggest what it was! Thank goodness for tags, eh? But as Paul says, you’re in for a treat when you get some Spirit in the ears. You can expect me to talk a bit more about this one real soon, too (long overdue!)


  2. 1537 says:

    Brilliant stuff, Randy California was an ace guitarist – I used to have an 80s LP of his, more hard rock but he was brilliant still.

    Good haul for the price too!


    1. J. says:

      Oh! What LP was it? His 80s stuff has been pretty difficult to track down (certainly in decent condition!). Of his solo stuff, Kapt. Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds is quite the piece of work. But all of it is absolutely tremendous stuff, though.

      … and yeah! I thought this was a nice piece of business!


      1. 1537 says:

        I think it was called Childhoods End (or that was certainly a track on it)


      2. J. says:

        Ah! Restless! That’s on my list. Spotted a copy a good while back, but looked like someone’s cat had been DJing with it. Utterly hoofed.


      3. 1537 says:

        I taped it off a friend of my dad’s, I used to love it – the one track I remember ‘Childhood’s End’ had some incredible guitar on it. Congrats, I hadn’t thought about that one in years!


  3. Paul Kerr says:

    Record fair project? Intriguing.


    1. J. says:

      Been interested in doing a wee record fair, but finally taking the step of having a look out and picking up some stuff to sell. Just a wee project, but something I reckon I’d enjoy. I shall keep you posted!


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