October purchase round-up

OctoberI’ve picked up a few records this month.  A mix of new and old.  Well, mostly old; Mark Lanegan Band’s Phantom Radio being the sole new release here.  The others came from visits to Mixed-Up Records and, as those who drop by regularly will know, my favourite haunt the Record Fayre.

I could have bought an awfy lot from Record Fayre, but given that I was heading into the studio later and already had enough to carry I decided to pick up just 3.  Johnny Cash’s Ragged Old Flag (70s-era Cash record and one that’s overlooked), Sinatra’s In the Wee Small Hours and a rather spiffy Hank Williams compilation.  The Sinatra grab was a happy one, as I’d been looking for that for a while.  Having spotted a bunch o’ records behind the counter I ask if they were waiting to be put out and was informed they were … and there it was in the last row.  £9 well spent and that’s exactly why I love the Record Fayre.

The Mixed-Up Records haul was the result of a browse of their Discogs.  One of those ‘has 52 items I want’ populating under the seller.  Man, that was fruitful!  Couldn’t believe I managed to get a copy of Slo Blo on vinyl for £1.99.  Plus, there was Harry Nilsson’s John Lennon produced Pussy Cats.  Happy days.  While in picking up my order I spotted Emmylou Harris’ Pieces of the Sky for £5.

Frank Sinatra – In the Wee Small Hours (£2)
Johnny Cash – Ragged Old Flag (£4.50)
Hank Williams – Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (£2.50)

Bryan Adams – Reckless* (£2)
Bob Marley – Legend (£3.99)
Cell – Slo Blo (£1.99)
Harry Nilsson –  A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night (£1.99)
Harry Nilsson – Pussy Cats (£4.99)
Emmylou Harris – Pieces of Sky (£5) 

Mark Lanegan Band – Phantom Radio (£16.99)

* the Bryan Adams purchase came off the back of a number of conversations about Ryan Adams’ new self-titled release and the 30th Anniversary of Reckless.  Plus, Summer of ’69 was worth £2.


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  1. stephen1001 says:

    When it comes to Bryan Adams, ignore the critics – Reckless is a solid record!
    In the wee small hours has really nice arrangements but isn’t terribly interesting. It’s perfect background music for the time of day it suggests but not too exciting to give your full attention to when listening


    1. J. says:

      I hadn’t heard Reckless in over 15 years or so, but I enjoyed it. Certainly worth the £2 (even if I don’t listen to it again for another 15 years).

      I’m actually really fond of In the Wee Small Hours. I know a few folks who aren’t so keen, but there’s some really great performances there. Sinatra digs deep and really delivers.


  2. Some good ones here, especially the Johnny Cash and Nilsson’s Pussy Cats. Good to own Marley’s Legend, too.


    1. J. says:

      Thanks, Steve. I’m pretty pleased with those three … Pussy Cats is an incredibly interesting record. Both in tone and production. Let’s not forget Harry’s vocals. Ouch!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Paul Kerr says:

    Never thought to look at Discogs. Must check that out. Nice haul though I reckon the Emmylou is the prize of the bunch.


    1. J. says:

      Discogs is worth a gander, Paul. That mylou record is gorgeous, eh? A real gem … pleased to have picked it up.


  4. 1537 says:

    An interesting haul – early days, I know but I’m not very smitten with Phantom Radio. It’s missing a knockout track like ‘Ode to sad Disco’.


    1. J. says:

      I think I’d agree with you. It’s missing something, eh? It also reminds me of how great the non-Lanegan Band albums are, which makes me wish it was one o’ them. That make sense?


      1. 1537 says:

        Totes sense #LOL

        (I’m very modern these days)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. J. says:

        Did you hear the EP? I actually thought some o’ the material on that would have really strengthened the album.


      3. 1537 says:

        No, i didnt realise there was one. Is it worth it then?


      4. J. says:

        No Bells On Sunday. It’s really pretty strong and definitely worth checking out (though vinyl might be tough to track down).


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