Are friends eclectic? The November records.

A couple o’ new records this month.  A couple I’ve been after for a while and I’m pleased to be able to change the list font to ‘strike-through.  Hurrah!  All in very nice condition and snapped up for a nice wee price.  So here goes.
first twoAC/DC‘s Back In Black and Replicas by Tubeway Army at £5 each

Two really great albums.  Spotted these in the Record Fayre and at £5 each I couldn’t resist.  Back In Black has a surface mark or two, but it sounds incredible.  Tubeway Army is a Dutch pressing.  Had to pick this up after recently being reminded of it’s sheer isolatingly mechanical awesomeness (say what now!?).
second twoThe Cars: Heartbeat City (sticker tear in the top left corner) and the self-titled debut by The Cars.

Interestingly I hadn’t thought about The Cars for a while.  Hadn’t really bothered much with anything beyond Candy-O, either.  Maybe a cursory listen.  However, another reminder of how incredible these guys are was timely, as I spotted Heartbeat City in the Record fayre for just £2.  The self-titled debut was picked up on Discogs for £1 (+ £3.50 postage) as it’s an all-timer.  A definite favourite (and you can expect a post about that in future now that I have the LP).
gentlemenThe Afghan WhigsGentleman.  The single LP ‘At 21’ reissue.  Looks like a replica of the original Sub Pop / Blast First UK release, too (£16.52 from Amazon).
last 2AC/DC‘s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (£5) and Jeff Beck‘s Beck-Ola (a US 80s reissue by the looks of things – £6).

Record fair time at the Rutherglen Exchange.  I had a list of 8 records that I was hoping to see.  Unfortunately I only found one of them.  still, I had spotted Beck-Ola last time round and sorta regretted not buying it.  It’s a tremendous record.  Ol’ Rod in fine voice (still very much in the vocal extraordinaire stage) and a fantastic opener in All Shook Up.  So, £11 well spent there.



    1. Seriously, you need to stop reminding me how awesome some records are! Replicas sounds better than than I remember and The Cars is still utterly magic (I’m fair enjoying Heartbeat City, too). Was on the look-out for Candy-O today, but no joy.

      They did have Panorama, but that was another I can’t remember much about. Not even sure I heard it (cover didn’t look familiar). Opted for Cheap Trick’s Dream Police. Cause I figured that had to be added to the collection.

      Beck-Ola is a great album. I’ve been after it a while. That and Truth. Rod is on top form, too. In fact, the whole band are brilliant (Nicky Hopkins and Tony Newman! Wow!). Not a bad song on there. Definitely one that you absolutely must get.

      All in all a good wee November. Mighty pleased with these additions … they really bring the collection together. Ha!

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    1. That’s the only two required, I reckon. I was right chuffed with the Back In Black find. Awesome album. Truly is.

      The Saxon hunt has not been so good. Only had one – black cover with Saxon across it. I didn’t know enough about it to spend £5 …


      1. It might be The Eagle Has Landed? If it is, then it’s worth getting but it’s a live album so it depends how you feel about starting off with one of those rather than a studio album.


      2. Possibly. I was too busy looking for the titles of the Wheels of Steel and Strong Arm of the Law LPs that I can’t even remember. I’ll likely take another trip in in a week or so … I shall weigh the purchase up some more.

        I will buy a Saxon album before the year is out!


    1. It’s great. As you know, I’m not overly familiar with AC/DC stuff, but the last year has been all about this, Back In Black and Highway to Hell (which I need to get!).


    1. Thanks – I was chuffed to bits with November’s treasures.

      … as for the commission, I reckon 1537 is getting a kick-back from all those sellers out there!


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