Welcome to Soundsville! New Year. New records.

I realised the other day that this is my second year blogging here.  January 1st 2013 I done my first post (that’s a record that I ended up buying).  So my second blogiversary passed me by.  I started this as something of a diary – what I was listening to, why I liked it, and what I was discovering.  That changed and it became, mostly, about my record collection – my favourites, why I liked them, and a diary of new additions.  Over the last year I’ve met some cool folks here.  Folks that have welcomed me into their community, too.  That’s been ace.  I’ve discovered some new stuff and rediscovered some albums that I’d forgotten about.

Anyhoo, there’s been some not so pleasant weather over the last few days.  Kinda weather that says “stay in” and these days that means “watch The Office” and, importantly, “listen to music”.  Music, mostly being records.  Of course.  Today, though, I fancied getting some new records.  Cause that’s what weekends are for, right?  Getting out and browsing record shops.  Or a record shop at least (Mixed Up Records).  Especially when I have a record or two in mind and spotted them on their Discogs.  Records that have been on my ol’ wish list for a couple o’ months.  Records that have appeared there thanks to a bunch o’ folks here.  On this ol’ interwebs.

… and it was mission accomplished.  I was chuffed to bits with this haul.

cany-oThe Cars: Candy-O (1979) [£3.99]

As I mentioned back in November, I’ve been rediscovering The Cars thanks to Mr. 1537’s post about Shake It Up. Having picked up both the self-titled debut and Heartbeat City, I spotted this one and decided to add it to the collection, too.  I don’t know this one too well at all and I’m looking forward to spinning this one.  You bet.  Plus, the cover is absolutely incredible.  Really pretty wonderful (and that’s not in a “woah! look at her” type o’ way).  It was still in the shrink wrap and the record itself is in good condition with just a few surface marks.
soundsvilleSoundsville! Jack Marshall’s Music (1959) [£1.00]

This was sitting in one of the £1 crates and I couldn’t pass it up.  Jack Marshall was one of Capital’s top producers and writers.  This here is a compilation of a bunch o’ different numbers played by a bunch o’ really great musicians.  Given where it was, I took the record out expecting some pretty heavy marks and perhaps some warping, but it’s actually a really pretty nice record in really pretty fine condition.  Again, look at that cover.
Wit & Wonder

Judy Garland – The Wit & Wonder of Judy Garland (1977) [£1.00]

I assume there will be some eyebrows raised, but Judy Garland was one of a kind and I wasn’t passing this up.  There’s something about Garland’s voice, her attitude, and delivery that really grabs me.  Probably stems from Wizard of Oz – a film that I saw as a youngster and one I know maybe a tad too well.  This is a record of something of a collection of rare recordings from the mid-30s to late-60s.  Side 1, The Wonder, is a bunch o’ performances … out-takes and such, while side 2, The Wit, has three examples of her interesting interviews.  An interesting listen and again this was in one of the £1 crates.  Still wrapped.  Record with literally just a surface mark or two.  No brainer, right?

“Fats” Waller and His Rhythm – Ain’t Misbehaving (Reissue – 1970) [£1.00]

You can probably tell by now that I was having a shifty through the jazz records when I spotted the last few gems in the £1 crates there.  This was another I spotted and, again, another that was in really good condition.  A “Fats” Waller record for £1?  A no brainer.  Really pretty tremendous and the first record I threw on when we got home and got some coffee on the go.

Saxon – Wheels Of Steel (1980) [£2.99]

Hurrah!  It was Mr. Overload’s review of this back in November that put this on my radar.  Not a band that I had ever really listened to or bothered with, but that post came at just the right time.  Right time being my immersion in the world of metal.  Anyway, I’ve spotted Saxon albums a few times during my digs, but when I actually entered that Saxon market I found it was slim pickings.  Typical, right?  Anyhoo, a friend had threw a Best Of my way a few weeks ago and then today I picked this up.  The planets had aligned.  This is a really good copy, too.  Very happy.  Now I can listen to Motorcycle Man, 747 (Strangers In The Night) and Wheels of Steel the way they’re meant to be heard!

Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – Soul To Soul (1985) [£3.99]

I’ve been listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan a helluva lot recently.  Watching his Austin City Limits performances and the various other live footage on YouTube (thank you YouTube!), too.  Just brilliant.  As I become more and more familiar with his music I can hear the influence that he had on a bunch of musicians that I’ve listened to over the years (and given that I’d been listening to Pearl Jam for a whole lotta years, Mike McCready in particular).  Anyway, my intention is to pick up all his albums on vinyl.  This is a good start, I reckon.  Again, a really nice copy.


… now I’m going back to narrowing down the list o’ my favourite vinyl purchases of last year.



    1. Ha-ha! I was waiting for that!

      … and cheers for reminding me how great The Cars were. Really enjoying getting to know the stuff I hadn’t given two hoots about (wee cheap car horn joke there!).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Don’t mention it. I’m really pleased to see you picked up the Fats Waller too, ‘Ain’t Misbehavin” is one of my all-time fave tracks.


      2. Yeah, that’s pretty special. It was nice to see ‘I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby’ on there. That one’s worth more than the price o’ the record for sure!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Saxon have got tons of live albums. I think I’ve got about 10 or 11! I’ve got the St George’s Day one but not listened to it yet. I only bought it recently and I’ve been focusing on the earlier stuff lately while I’m reviewing it all. Rock and Roll Gypsies is a great one though!


      2. The St George’s Day one is really pretty enjoyable. Some good chat from Biff, too. I shall look forward to reading more reviews …

        Also, Crusader is pretty great. The title track is particularly ace.


  1. Love the Cars they are quirky but Ocasek sure can write a hooky melody!
    Saxon,that’s a cool record and when HMO resurrected Denim and Leather at this place I clicked right over to ITunes and purchased it!
    SRV you can’t go wrong with any of his stuff. J,if you ever come across SRV Live At The El Macambo from 1983 scoop it!
    Great article!


    1. Yeah, I’d honestly forgotten how great The Cars were. Really enjoying revisiting their catalogue! As for Saxon, I’d been determined to pick this up since the HMO post. Came at a time a friend has been introducing me to a load o’ ‘metal’ stuff. Really enjoying this one.

      I’ll keep an eye out for the live record. I think I’ll be buying all the SRV Ican find!


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