Back To Black – 2014: A Year In Vinyl (Part 1 of 4)

So, 2014 has been over a few weeks now and I’ve had a chance to mull over the best additions to my collection this year.  Like 2013, I’ve added a bunch of my favouries.  I’ve also caught up with records that I missed in 2013 and added a bunch o’ reissues.  I’ve upped the list to 20 this year cause, well, cause I happened to get more records.  While not a list of the best albums I bought, this is a run-down of my favourite additions.  The ones that I was right excited about.

ragged old flag#20 Johnny Cash – Ragged Old Flag (1974)

One of Cash’s overlooked records, Ragged Old Flag has long been a favourite of mine – the second of my ‘must have’ 70s Cash records.  There’s some really brilliant performances on here and Cash is really sounding inspired, which is something that a lot of folks think he was missing in the 70s and 80s. In my opinion, every song on this album is a winner and each one of them was written by Cash (well, I’m a Worried Man was a co-write with June).

I picked this up from the Record Fayre for £4.50. There’s some wear to the cover, but it’s a really pretty brilliant copy.  The record itself has a few scuffs, but nothing that impacts on it’s playing.  Not one I see too often around the Glasgow record stores, so a nice find.

pussy cats

#19 Harry Nilsson – Pussy Cats (1974)

One of three Harry Nilsson albums I picked up last year.  This one was produced by his ‘pal’ John Lennon during what is known as the ‘lost weekend’.  It’s not a great album, but it is an incredibly interesting one, with Harry’s voice ‘shot to shit’ due to studio shenanigans.  A couple of interesting song choices, too – including a really pretty excellent Save The Last Dance For Me.  But yeah, athough not a great album, it’s a bit of a favourite and not one that I see too often.  So, even with the tatty cover, I was happy enough spending £4.99 on it.  So there.


#18 Guns N’ Roses – Appetite For Destruction (1987)

Probably the first band that I ever fell in love with.  I picked this up back in April for £8 at (you know it’s coming) the Record Fayre.  Although it was one that I had planned to pick up at some point, I was a tad hesitant about spending the money on it due to there being some marks.  Besides, it was also an album that I really hadn’t listened to in a very long time.  Furthermore, it’s an album by a band that I have no love for anymore.  Still, with all that being said, I’m mighty pleased that I decided to buy it.

… and while I didn’t think I had any love left for this one, it turns out I did – I listened to GnFnR more in 2014 than I had since … well … since 1994.wu#17 Wu-Tang Clam – 8 Diagrams (2007)

Hurrah!  Wu-Tang’s 8 Diagrams!  On vinyl!  In my collection!  Say what!?  Holla!  Seriously, though, I was pleased as punch at finding this brand new on yon Amazon Marketplace for £11.21 (including postage – say what!?).  It’s a nice double record, even if the packaging is unremarkable.

I know this one didn’t get mad love, but I honestly reckon this is one of their best (despite the lack of Ghostface verses in the second half of the album).  Side A is just incredible and by the time I was turning the first record over I was reminded of just why I decided to replace the CD.

#16 Cell – Slo Blo (1992)

I was silly excited when I spotted this one for just £1.99 – one of my favourite albums from the alternative rock explosion.  A New York based band that occupied the territory between Sonic Youth and The Afghan Whigs, with an album built around sparring guitar lines.  So yeah, one of the great lost albums and I have a pretty splendiferous copy sitting in my collection.  Hurrah!

Next: Part 2 – #15 – #11


13 Comments Add yours

  1. deKE says:

    That Gunners album J is the one with the original in Canada well in my neck of the woods anyways that pic was tucked inside the booklet! Originally i seen it here but it was on cassette should,have bought it…I’m talking like back in late 1987!
    Cool stuff friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. J. says:

      Yeah, I’ve never really seen this one due to not having seen original copies around much. The reissue has the ‘cross’ cover I’m used to, which makes me happier at picking this up!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. deKE says:

        U scored a gem J!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Let the diversity continue!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. stephen1001 says:

    Countdowns + LPs, you know your audience, nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. J. says:

      I aim to please!


  4. 1537 says:

    Some real goodies there , I remember Slo-Blo, John Peel played bits of it one night that I remember.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. J. says:

      It’s a real gem … and largely forgotten, too. You are only the second person I have known who remembers it!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 1537 says:

        Just tuned into John Peel on the right night. I miss him so much. I’d only listen to him once in a blue moon, but every time I did I would hear at least one thing I loved.


      2. J. says:

        I dare say that’s as often as I listened … but yeah, there was always something playing that made me think “thank you, John Peel” …

        Liked by 1 person

      3. 1537 says:

        I always used to keep pen and paper handy.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. J. says:

        Yup. How I discovered a few artists …


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