A good record buying day

I have been getting pretty serious about Stevie Ray Vaughan’s stuff recently.  His brand of Texas blues still sounds vital and I really wish I stumbled on this stuff earlier.  After watching the Austin City Limits performances thanks to YouTube, I decided that adding some albums to my collection was an absolute must.  I picked up Soul To Soul last month and I added another this month.  This time it’s Couldn’t Stand The Weather.  I spotted this online on the Mixed-Up Records Discogs and after a few days consideration I decided I would go ahead and purchase it.  While in the store yesterday to purchase it I spotted a couple o’ records that were on my ‘grail list’, so it turned out to be one of the best record buying days I had …

Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble – Couldn’t Stand The Weather (1984)
couldn't stand the weatherThe second Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble album and it’s really pretty spiffy, complete with a take of Jimi Hendrix’s Voodoo Chile (Slight Return).  This here is a Dutch press and it’s in really good condition.  The cover is ace with a nice tornado happening and Stevie looking like he’s whipping up a storm.  The back cover is most awesome – with an orange hue surrounding Tommy Shannon and Chris Layton (Double Trouble).  £8 well spent, I reckon.

AC/DC – Highway To Hell (1979)
highway to hell… and just like that I have the three AC/DC albums I was looking for.  This was sitting in the ‘just in’ bin for just £3.  Normally, when spotting something this good for that price, you know there’s likely to be something amiss … and there was.  There was no inner sleeve.  None.  The record, naturally, is a tad scuffed with a fair few surface marks.  Still, at £3 I thought I didn’t hesitate to tuck it under my arm as I continued to browse.

Cowboy Junkies – The Trinity Sessions (1988)
the trinity sessionsI fell in love with this album after seeing Natural Born Killers and hearing the soundtrack.  Their take on Sweet Jane was infectious – that laid back vibe and Margo Timmins voice … man, I was hooked.  I naturally picked up the CD and it soon established itself as a favourite.  Naturally, when I got into record buying, this would have to be one I picked up.  So, as you can imagine, I was pretty delighted to see this for £7.  A really, really nice copy.

Anyhoo, I got home and got these spinning (well, I haven’t listened to Couldn’t Stand The Weather, actually).  The Trinity Sessions sounds perfect.  Just really wonderful.  And as for that copy of Highway To Hell?  Plays like a dream (well, a rockin’ dream) – no skips, no problems.  Man, it sounds incredible.



    1. Yeah – I was fair delighted with that one. Bumped into a friend when I was heading back east and he also couldn’t believe my luck.

      Such a great cover, too … I’d figured that if it didn’t play so good I could just throw that sucker in a frame! Fortunately, or unfortunately for the wall, it plays just fine!


    1. The Trinity Sessions is a wonderful album. I’m fairly certain Aaron at KMA would agree, too. Highway to Hell is the other, yeah?


      1. I’ve missed this one (likely before my time as a follower, I suspect). I’ll go looky, but you should go ahead and post a link here …


  1. SRV is awesome J …SRV could do no wrong,he had a massive run of solid records til his death.
    ACDC is a absolute score,you can’t go wrong with Highway To Hell that’s for sure.


    1. Yeah, I haven’t been disappointed by any of his albums. I aim to pick them all up on vinyl … really tremendous stuff.

      Delighted with the AC/DC find. Possibly my favourite of their albums …


      1. If you come across Flick Of The Switch..grab it..its raw/no singles just bare bones Acdc and they got,somewhat hammered by the press for that. It’s one of my favs….I also reviewed it…


  2. Top stuff. It looks like Tapes For My Walkman and Resurrection Songs are going to be reflecting each other for a while – I made a point of picking up Trinity Sessions a month or two back and Couldn’t Stand the Weather as well! The latter is an almost great album, let down only by that lumpen, unneccessary Voodoo Chile cover. I hate skipping tracks on albums but that one’s been on fast forward since the ’80s …

    I haven’t had the vinyl of Highway for a while but if I remember correctly it was just a plain inner so no great loss there. One of the truly great albums that one.

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    1. Tremendous! Be good to read your thoughts on these ones. Listening back I hear what you mean about the Voodoo Chile … still, it’s a crackin’ album – like you say, almost great. Texas Flood is the next Stevie vinyl purchase, methinks.

      Nice to know I may not be missing a classic inner (some inners are, right?). It’s in a spare Ritual de lo Habitual now (I had two inners with that record. How odd).


  3. Just went back to read this one now, that’s an INCREDIBLE 3-fer of records! Stevie rules. What a sound! And AC/DC, as 1537 might say, is a total no-brainer purchase. I am most happy for you for finding that Cowboy Junkies. I can only imagine how much warmer it sounds on LP… and the CD is pretty damn brilliant to begin with! Late night good heaphones heaven. Well done, sir!

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    1. Thanks, man – I don’t imagine I’ll have too many days like that (picking up three from the list for under £20!). That Trinity Sessions LP does indeed sound wonderful. I’ve had it spinning a few times … late night, too.


      1. Yup, I’ll admit to a bit of jealousy here on that CJ LP. I’m glad it found a good home – spin it often, it’s constantly rewarding! I still wanna get the re-do anniversary recording. That’s high on my list right now!


      2. I always find it really rather marvellous when I pick up a record and despite being familiar with the album that first spin sounds new. That’s pretty ace.


  4. If you had been lucky enough to be there when his boot hit the wah wah pedal and he leaned back into “little wing”, taking you and the rest of the club with him___wow! — sadly, the records can only give you a taste. It is a good taste, but still, blues can’t be bottled up – it is best when it is on tap. We miss SVR. —- [sorry, this is a good post-it just took me back in time]


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