Even Hell Has Its Heroes

It’s been a bit of a busy few weeks – music and music have been taking up my time.  Not too much record spinning, though (say what, now?) … mostly listening to stuff on the move.  However, a few weeks ago I made time to have a wee look at records.  Intention was to buy the new Duke Garwood album, but I spotted Earth’s Primitive and Deadly right at the front of the ‘metal’ section with a nice big £20 sticker on it.  I couldn’t ignore it.
earthIt was, of course, one of my favourite albums last year, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to own this marvellous piece of psychedelic doom on vinyl.  Besides the tremendous artwork I needed to hear the vinyl only bonus track (Badger’s Bane).  As you would expect, it’s utterly magnificent.



  1. Really loved the Earth record from last year. Can’t remember the name of it. Before that I wasn’t all the knowledgeable about ’em. Great stuff. This one looks quite lovely.

    I’d recommend Eternal Tapestry’s ‘Wild Strawberries’. Big and vast psych stuff. Like a soundtrack to some crazy 70s sci fi movie. Maybe you can stream it somewhere.

    Anyways, happy spinning!


    1. This is the one. It sounds great on vinyl and the Badger’s Bane is quite something – long droning passages and static.

      I’ll get Wild Strawberries added to the (ever expanding) list. Sounds pretty awesome!

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