The March Record Round-Up

Welcome to the latest addition of ‘what’s J been buying this time’.  Well, couple of new records over the last month and I’ve also decided to buy less.  See I discovered while shuffling them around that I got a bunch that I haven’t yet listened to and a bunch that I actually don’t have much interest in listening to.  I guess that’s what happens when you see records that have a reputation (yeah, I’m looking at you Bad Company and Bridge Over Troubled Water).  Anyway, here’s the records that have found their way into my collection over the last month.

srv + vhStevie Ray Vaghan & Double Trouble – Texas Flood (£5.99) and Van Halen – Van Halen (£3.99)
Both of these were purchased from Mixed-Up Records at the start of the month.  Really pleased that I picked up Texas Flood – a pretty special record and this copy is in pretty good condition.  That Van Halen album is crackin’, too.  I don’t imagine it’s a special find, but I’ve been enjoying this one loads and it’s a nice addition to the collection.
nixPeter Gabriel – Peter Gabriel 4 / Security (£5), Frank Sinatra – Songs For Swingin’ Lovers! (£2), and INXS – Listen Like Thieves (£3)
Funny thing is, I hadn’t really intended on buying these three when I spotted them in the Record Fayre a couple of weeks ago.  I did intend on buying the Sinatra album for three reasons: 1. it’s brilliant; 2. I already have In The Wee Small Hours and this would complete my ‘must have’ Sinatra collection; and 3. despite the cover being tatty, the record was in really good condition and it was £2.

So why did I buy all three?  Well, I picked up the others while I mulled them over … and I found myself spilling them onto the floor.  A right racket, too.  So I could hardly put them back.  Urgh.  Luckily there was no damage – they all play fine, though the Gabriel record has a load of surface noise.  Oh, and those of you who said that Listen Like Thieves was better than Kick – you might be onto something (that’s for another post).
dg + stpDuke Garwood – Heavy Love and Stone Temple Pilots – No. 4 (birthday gifts from my wife)
Delighted with these.  Garwood’s Heavy Love is an early front-runner for my album of the year.  It really is pretty special – his voice is way out front and it’s both dusty and hypnotic (it’s also mixed by Lanegan and Alain Johannes).  The Stone Temple Pilots album is, in my opinion, their last truly great album.  Actually the first time this has been available on vinyl, so gotta love those folks at Music on Vinyl.
hnNilsson – Duit On Mon Dei (£3)
The most recent of the additions.  Truth be told I have never heard this.  One of those Nilsson records that got painted with the old ‘diminishing returns’ brush.  It’s been on my ‘wantlist’; more out of curiosity than anything else.  Anyway, I spotted it in a little book and record store over in Glasgow’s West End for £3 and decided to buy it.  The record itself is in pretty excellent condition and the ‘unipak gatefold’ is intact despite looking a little worn.  Quickly established itself as one of my favourite Harry Nilsson albums.

As always, you can expect to read about these here in due course (when I get to know them real good).


19 thoughts on “The March Record Round-Up”

    1. It’s a goody, Mike. Always sounded heavily compressed, though I think it was fitting.

      I’ve missed the Stevie Ray Vaughan chat. Dare say I could chat about that all day … I’m a newbie to his stuff, but I’m finding myself connecting with it and really getting sucked in. Incredible stuff. That’s me picked up 3 of his records over the last three months!


    1. Indeed! There’s just something about it that I can’t put my finger on, but it’s much grittier than I remember. It’s been a while since I listened to it on CD, but the digital version I’d ripped just doesn’t have that (not too low a bitrate, either). But yeah, I’ll always have a connection to Kick, but Lordy! Listen Like Thieves is really pretty brilliant …


      1. It really does, doesn’t it? I’ve certainly hit it more than I hit Kick when I picked that up. I’m digging it more than I ever did, too.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve got the Stevie Ray Vaughan album although haven’t listened to it in years. Must admit I prefer his brother in The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Never heard that Nilsson album by the way.


    1. I’m not too familiar with much of The Fabulous Thunderbirds stuff – just the odd track here and there.

      As odd as it seems, I actually didn’t realise that Jimmy Vaughan and Stevie were related … it was only when watching that recent Sonic Highways thing. That’s what turned me on to Stevie, too.

      The Nilsson album is a treat. Surprised, as I was expecting it to be patchy at best (it’s better than Son of Schmilsson).


  2. I salute your honourable consumerism for adhering to the ‘you drop it you buy it’ rule. But I must ask, how did you manage to spill two discs onto the floor? Where you gyrating wildly to some in-shop dance music, or what?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Y’know, I have absolutely no idea. I have concluded that it must have been new and overly slick polythene covers, though I can’t discount the possibility that the dulcet tones of the Carpenters could have taken hold (resulting in a near sleep and loosening of my grip).

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    1. I’d recommend both of these. I’d also recommend that Duke Garwood to you also – one that might appeal to you.

      But yeah, you can be sure I’ll jot down my thoughts on these soon enough, sir.


  3. Nice collection of vinyl here. Not familiar with the Duke Garwood record. What’s it like? And that Nilsson record. Is that a posthumous release? I thought I knew all his stuff.

    The SRV is probably my favorite of his, with Couldn’t Stand The Weather a close second. In Step was a promising record that showed he could still make great music not snorting coke or downing whiskey. Too band he never got the chance to continue that.

    Listen Like Thieves. Glad you found a proper copy.


    1. The Garwood album is wonderful. Really rather haunting, dusty, and sun bleached. You should check out the video for Disco Lights on YouTube. I reckon you might dig it.

      The Nilsson one was released after Pussy Cats (1975). Really pretty great and definitely way better than I expected. Worth tracking down, I reckon.

      I’m really enjoying the SRV stuff just now. Can’t pick a favourite, as it changes day to day at the moment. In Step is next and that’s me got the 4 studio albums.

      … and I can’t stop spinning Listen Like Thieves.


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