“Aw man – I need more time to listen to new records”: The April Record Round-Up

As I mentioned not so long ago, it was my birthday in March. So, knowing that I like records, but not knowing where to begin, my family gave me a few Amazon vouchers. After giving careful consideration to what I was gonna get, I ended up snagging the following from the Marketplace. Hurrah!
April recordsTom Waits – Bad As Me (2011)
I finally decided to own this one of vinyl. I was weighing up buying Mule Variations, but decided I’d buy this one instead due to that darn 1537 blog (I really need to stop reading that). Chicago, Hell Broke Luce, Get Lost and Face To the Highway are some of my favourite Tom Waits songs and they happen to be on here. Mule Variations will wait. Plus, the booklet inside is real nice.

The record itself happened to be scuffed and the cover beat up a bit which was right awful. However, the folks were kind enough to make that right by offering a 50% refund. Which I used towards another record (no such thing as saving pennies over here, eh?).

My Jerusalem – Preachers (2012)
One of my favourites from 2012. I owned this on CD, but moved it along during one of my clear-outs and sorta wondered why I’d done that. Guess that’s the kind of things fools like me do. Anyway, the title track is easily one of the best songs I’d heard in years, so I figured it was time to pick this one up again. Seriously, go listen to it. Tell me that aint awesome.

Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts – Blaster (2015)
I’ll not go on about this one, cause I already done that not so long ago.

Secret Sisters – Secret Sisters (2010)
So, that Tom Waits refund? Picked up this one. This has long been a favourite over here. Bought the CD back in 2011 after seeing them at the Oran Mor. Wonderful old timey country. Despite the CD, I was really keen to add this to the record collection. It’s simply beautiful and it really does sound better (gritty) than the CD copy.

Marketplace (including postage)
Bad As Me – £8.64
Preachers – £10.07
Blaster – £16.61
Secret Sisters – £11.25

I hit the studio this week, so I’ll not be doing too much listening.  Well, not as much as I usually do … so it’s a good job I’m already familiar with these ones.


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  1. Jay says:

    I carry a little list in my wallet to remind me of what my husband might like, and I keep a big list of my computer of what he already has, for when others ask me the same thing. All that vinyl can get tough to keep track of!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. J. says:

      That’s a very good plan, Jay. My wife has a similar tactic and a knack of finding some of my absolute favourites when we’re out and about. Seems to work, cause there’s not a doubler in sight (yet).


    2. What a diamond partner!
      Do you update the master list daily! 😉


  2. 1537 says:

    Umm.. Sorry again.

    Can’t believe it, named and shamed!!

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  3. mikeladano says:

    Curious if you saw that recent Weiland footage attempting to sing Vasoline!

    Hope he’s OK.


    1. J. says:

      Ooooft – yeah. I actually felt pretty horrible watching it. Curiosity also pulled me to the rest of the footage … my word. Really pretty sad to see that happen, y’know.


  4. I need to get into Tom Waits someday…I only read good things about him and one of my best friends’s a huge fan. His voice always bothered me, though. Maybe I’ll get used to it if I hear a full album.


    1. J. says:

      I have a few friends who are put off by Tom’s voice and I often tell them to start off with bitesized chunks before they delve into an album. That said, I think Bad As Me is probably his most accessible album in a very, very long time. Highly recommended as a starting point …


  5. keepsmealive says:

    My first reaction to Tom Waits was WTF, but my lovely wife has slowly converted me to his charms and powers, now he’s indispensible. Nice score on LP (even if it is dinged up)! Definitely need Mule Variations too, in any format. That album is transcendent.

    r.e. selling off your My Jerusalem CD, I must be a fool like you too. I’ve sold many CDs over the years, always towards buying more. It is rare but, sometimes like you I come to regret it and replace it!

    I will also take this post as a recommend to further explore My Jerusalem and Secret Sisters, bands about whom I don’t know much. Thanks!

    Nice score! And happy (exceedingly pathetically) belated birthday!


    1. J. says:

      Tom Waits has been a big, big influence on me over the years. Have all of the ‘off the map’ Waits albums, but only Bad As Me on vinyl (Mule Variations is really pretty wonderful … I still have that one on CD, but I really want to have a copy of the vinyl … big artwork, etc … and it’ll sound ace!).

      My Jerusalem are a great band. I Have a lot of love for them and Preachers is a really special record.

      … and yea, I’ve picked up a few CDs of late that I have owned and sold over the years. I ought to learn!


      1. keepsmealive says:

        I know my buddy Brian had Rain Dogs at his house but I have no clear memory of hearing it often, over there. It was my lovely wife who introduced me (in full) to the Tom Waits collection. I’ve been trying to get her to do a guest post on the KMA about it for quite a while now. She’s just not hooked on blogging/writing about music like we are! 😉 And by the time she gets home from her long days, and we finally get the kids to bed, the idea of creatively writing ain’t high on her list. Maybe some day!

        There’s a post idea for you: CDs I bought, sold, and bought again! I know I’ve done it a bunch of times, over the years. I often sold them off because I needed money more than I needed the albums. But when I was flush again, I’d get them back when I could…


      2. J. says:

        Jings – I have so many albums I’ve sold and bought. Mostly I moved them on to declutter. Either I didn’t listen to them anymore or thought I wouldn’t be inclined to revisit it. Don’t get me wrong, I also moved on a bunch to motivate me to buy the albums on vinyl. Ha!


  6. Tom Waits is always interesting, but my favorite’s still Rain Dogs, which I do have on vinyl.


  7. mikeladano says:

    Hey J, Aaron is in Toronto and found your Neko Case RSD vinyl. $35 bucks plus shipping if you want it — just email me and I’ll tell him. It’s 1 pm here.


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