“Aw man – I’m playing record listening catch-up”: The June Record Round-Up

I’ve spent the last few weeks working on some music stuffs and haven’t been all that engaged in my ol’ record collection. It’s been feeling neglected. All sad and suchlike. To make matters worse, despite adding tons of albums to my list of albums to check out, I haven’t even been all that engaged in the crate digging business (“haven’t been all that engaged” literally meaning I hadn’t trawled all my favourite haunts in a while). Shocking. But hold up! I’m free of all the recording endeavours and I done gone got myself into a record store (two, actually). Records! Hurrah! So let’s take a look at what I done gone bought!
danny & co
Danny & The Champions of the World – What Kind of Love (£15)

Quite possibly my favourite album so far this year. Danny & Co. have been a favourite of mine for a while now and they have really found their stride. This one picks up where Stay True left off – a splendid mix of ‘americana’ and R&B. Really pretty wonderful stuff. Also, go catch them live as they’re quite possibly the best live band in the UK just now. I caught them a few weeks ago when the rolled into Glasgow with my good pal Paul Kerr over at Blabber ‘n’ Smoke and they really do just keep getting better and better.

headless krossHeadless Kross – Volumes (£10)
I’ve only recently started discovering the delights that the ‘metal’ genre (and sub-genres) have to offer, but I like doom a fair bit. Well, I like Earth and those who worship at the Church of Earth a fair bit. Headless Kross are a doom outfit from Glasgow. As well as some pretty marvellous minor chord walls there’s a fair few psychedelic flourishes. This has been on my list for a while, so I finally snapped up a copy when I was in Tommy’s studio earlier in the month.
hitsNancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood – Nancy & Lee (£3)

I don’t often do ‘hits’ records, but sometimes you just can’t resist. Especially when it’s something like this.  I nabbed this yesterday during a wee lunch time dig in the Record Fayre. Gave it a spin last night and it sounds brilliant – Summer Wine, Some Velvet Morning, Sand and Sundown, Sundown are all on here.  Side note: I’ve often found the second half of a hits collection dips a bit, but not here. No sir. It’s the second side that’s the real winner.

Robert Plant – Now and Zen (£1)

Picked this up with Nancy & Lee. Couldn’t not given it had a £1 sticker on it, could I? I haven’t listened to the whole thing, but there’s loads of 80s sounding stuff on here. And Jimmy Page. I think maybe Jimmy’s appearance ensured that this is one of those ‘well regarded’ Plant solo albums. Would that be a fair assessment? Well, I’ll get back to y’all on that at some point.

But there you have it. Back in the record buying business. With a bang!

Oh, and the music stuffs?  I’ve been busy knocking together some bits and bobs for the Jim Dead & The Doubters album that’s due at the end of the year.  I realised not so long ago that I don’t really ever mention that wee side of my interests.  Anyway, here’s a wee YouTube thingy I knocked together for one of the tracks.  For your perusal … should you be interested …



    1. Cheers, Mike!

      I had a look at the Plant album before buying it, as I’d imagined for the price it would be heavily marked and maybe there’d be a fair bit of noise. Few surface marks of course, but listened to it start to finish last night and it plays absolutely fine!


  1. Cool haul and the photos are great! I do like that Plant record and never heard Headless Kross so that’s one for me to check out. Like the cover on their album! And I’ll be checking out that youtube clip once I’m done listening to Anathema.

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    1. I hadn’t heard the Plant album before last night. It was … interesting. Felt like I was in an episode of The Equalizer a couple of times, too! Ship of Fools is brilliant, though – I liked that one a lot.

      … and I’d totally recommend checking out Headless Kross. Reckon you’d dig ’em loads. This and Demises are my favourites. Their first album (Bear) is really quite different (lots of screaming and more ‘traditional’ arrangements and suchlike), but worth checking out too.

      They’re also playing tomorrow night at the 13th Note, though I’m gonna miss it (bah).


  2. First, I’m sad there’s no Neko there. Dammit, where is that thing?

    Great records! You mentioned the Danny record before, I gotta find me a copy of that! I reviewed that Plant on the KMA, I’ll be curious what you think. Nice score on the Nacy & Lee! I don’t know anything about the metal guys. Yet. 🙂

    I also like the pics. Is that an IKEA 8-cube box? I’ve got one just like it (in white)! Perfect for LPs, with the turntable on top!

    Also, glad you’re plugging your own stuff! I’m getting there, I swear it!


    1. Tell me about it, man. I had a feeling it’d arrive this week, but sadly not. Bah. I shall keep you posted though (a picture of my big smiling face, no doubt).

      I’ll need to have a shifty at your review of plant – I dare say I’ll share my thoughts in due course! And yeah, I picked that unit it from IKEA. It’s a 4-cube, but I can build it up. I picked it up a few months ago and I thought the very same as you! – perfect for the records and the player sits right on top! Woop!

      Also, yeah – figured I’d share that wee video given the whole thing has prevented me listening to all the awesome new(ish) records over the last wee while!


      1. My fingers are crossed for you. I just wanna stop worrying about where it is and if it’s safe!

        Also, apologies: I tell a lie. It was Manic Nirvana I reveiwed. I thought for sure I had Now And Zen here (and reviewed it). I checked my iTunes and the only one there is Fate Of Nations, so something is not right in my Plant collection, between the shelves and the iTunes and the KMA. Let me go dig through the stacks.

        I love that IKEA shelf for records. Love love love. Sadly, my 8-cube is almost full! I’m gonna have to do a cull. From looking at the web site, they sell 4,8,16 and 20! Imagine filling a 20 with sweet sweet vinyls!


      2. Yeah maybe, although IKEA is a couple of hours away and I don’t get there real often. I could just stop buying records… haha no. WTF was I thinking? 🙂


  3. I bought the Danny vinyl at the show (as you know) and it knocks spots off of my digital download. A fantastic album. Nancy and Lee is a cracking find but I don’t recall the Plant one with much fondness, as you say his eighties albums are very much of their time. And, I see a copy of Zuma there, have you written about that?


    1. The Danny album is really pretty special, eh? Very warm and the songs really do have the space to breathe. I know i said this about Stay True, but I’m of the opinion that it’s the best thing Danny’s done. It’s just incredible.

      Plant was an interesting listen. I found it a tad cold and dare I say alienating? A really peculiar one – though I did like Ship of Fools a lot. I haven’t written about Zuma yet, but it’s only a matter of time!


  4. Nice haul. I need to check out that Headless Kross for sure. The Plant one holds lots of memories for me, as it came out when I was in my early teens. A really good album that one.

    Your own music? I had no idea you were a musician! Very cool song. Kinda reminids me a bit of a quieter Monster Magnet. Nice job!


    1. I reckon you’d dig Headless Kross. Really pretty brilliant stuff … hypnotic and lifting despite the minor chord walls. Sadly it didn’t come with a download code …

      There’s some other stuff on their bandcamp too that will no doubt get hooks in you. There’s a bit of an evolution in the sound, but Demises is pretty close – I recommend checking that one out.

      I found Robert Plant to be interesting, but quite a difficult one to get into – a pretty cold album. Definitely gonna stick with it, though.

      Also – yes! Aside from a few posts and comments here and there, I really haven’t mentioned it. Usually a more straight forward dusty ‘americana’ thing, but I got all eclectic and suchlike. Appreciate the comment too – I’ll take quieter Monster Magnet!

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      1. I think Now and Zen suffers from aged effects and sound more than anything. There are good tunes, but it’s hard to get past the 80s production values. Strangely enough, I can still listen to his first two records just fine.

        Well, if there’s a spot on the interweb where your music hangs out let me know. I’d like to give it a listen. I’ve got a few things out there as well.


      2. Yeah, the production really is a big hurdle. I really found it difficult to really find anything to grab onto, cause it was so cold and whatnot. Still, Ship of Fools stood out and that’s something to lure me back in. I actually spotted a couple of other 80s efforts – you’d recommend them?

        Music man stuffs: Jim Dead is my main outlet (www.jimdead.bandcamp.com). I tend to pull out the guitar and pen and jot stuff down every so often.

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      3. Did you know there is a Klingon metal band called Stovokor? (That’s the name for the Klingon afterlife.) They dress as Klingons and sing in Klingon.


  5. I’ve never heard of Nancy and Lee, or any of their supposed hits. I don’t know Danny either, but him I’m willing to try. Will be keeping an eye peeled for that one…


    1. Say what!? Everyone needs to go get themselves some Nancy & Lee – trust me. I’d imagine you’ll have heard one of their tunes though. Most likely Some Velvet Morning or Summer Wine. I believe both have been heavily covered over the years, so likely you’ll have maybe heard another version … but seriously awesome and worth checking out on yon YouTube.


      1. Ah – glad you liked it. I don’t really talk about that Jim guy. It was actually Aaron that got me chatting about it when he was talking about record getting trip a few months back.

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