“Parcel for you, pal”

So, back in May I got a message from Mike Ladano saying that Aaron at KMA had located an item that would be of great interest to me.  Aaron is the keeper of the Master Grail List and I’d been meaning to send him a few titles for a while.  Anyhoo, a few months back I mentioned that aside from two things, I wasn’t all that fussed about the Record Store Day releases.  One of those two things was an all-timer. An album that I’m particularly mad about.

Neko Case’s Fox Confessor Brings the Flood.  Now, it’s not one I’d likely get my hands on  had I got out for the big celebrations and I had a look online and copies were a little too rich.  I have the CD, but it’s one of those albums that really needed to be in my collection.  Cause I absolutely love it.

Anyway, Aaron and I have been exchanging emails the last couple of weeks.  Mostly we wonder where the hell this thing is.  Each time the mailman has knocked on the door I’ve had my hopes up.  Got to the stage where I was looking at the door … poised to answer any knock around about the time the mailman was due.  But the enthusiasm waned a bit the last two weeks.  Saturday was different, though.  The door chapped and I was racing (and I didn’t even get a chance to change out of my pyjamas).
neko 1 They really put some effort into this too.  It really is a wonderful looking package. Red vinyl in a nice gatefold sleeve.  And an unexpected extra – a special Record Store Day slip mat.
neko 2


35 thoughts on ““Parcel for you, pal””

      1. I received a parcel from you today as well. I am undecided if I will save it a week for my birthday or not, but be guaranteed, when it’s open, whatever it is, there will be a POST!

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      1. Seriously, beware! He has a habit of actually paying attention to what people like, and surprisingly them at the most unexpected of moments with a treasure of Holy Grail scale. Often asking nothing in return.

        You probably haven’t seen this video. You’re gonna love this. This is me opening mail from Aaron.

        I’ll never forget this one. This was one of my top 5 Holy Grail items and he just friggin sent it to me.

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      2. That’s awesome! … and warning is noted! (I also have his address should I need to counter any music parcel attacks!)


  1. Very nice indeed. I like when they put effort into the packaging of reissues. My record store copy of The Decemberists’ “Picaresque” is quite pretty also.

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    1. I wasn’t expecting it to look so nice, as the majority of the ‘recent’ reissues I have are replicate the original. The ‘majors’ could do with making that kinda effort!

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  2. If I had a quarter for evertime I heard “It really is a wonderful looking package” I’d be rich.

    But seriously, nice score, and thanks to Aaron for keeping the community musically fulfilled. I might have to send him a list of my own.

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  3. Aw shucks you guys are making me blush… But here we have another great example of how the Grail List over on the KMA works! It really does! So Boppinsblog by all means send us your list, just never know when things will turn up, or where, or who will find it. That’s why, if we all keep our eyes peeled, we can help each other out! Community!

    J. I’m glad for many things, in order of occurence: 1) it finally (finally!) arrived! 2) it survived the trip! 3) you’re as excited about it as you are! 4) it lives up to expectation! Always happy to help out, my friend, and I’m glad you used the ghost chord picture… Look at his left hand in that first photie, folks, that the muscle memory of a guitar player kicking in…

    Enjoy! Neko FTW!

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    1. Yup – you can add a testimonial to the grail list from me! And I hadn’t even sent you anything at the time – just a chat about RSD and you etched this in your brain!

      Totally worth the wait!


    1. It’s really pretty marvellous sounding. I’ve been immersed in the enhanced space and textures (to these ears).

      I actually considered framing the mat, but it looks too good on the player (and I’m promted to spin Neko after lifting every record! 🙂 )

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