“That’s one of the worst albums you have brought into this house”: The July Record Round-Up

Not quite the end of July, but I don’t figure I’ll be buying any records before the month is up (though I did go pre-order Mark Lanegan’s Houston and I’m considering Keith Richards’ Crosseyed Heart, too – but they don’t count, right?).

Anyway, July’s been an odd one over these parts – the weather here has been right changeable.  Though always warm, there’s been rain, heavy rain, monsoon rain and occasionally a bit of a breeze making a welcome change to the humidity.  The last few days have even had a bit of a chill about them.  My hayfever has been a son of a gun, too.  Bah.  Anyhoo, in conditions like this the only place I’m safe is indoors.  Indoors preferably meaning at home; but occasionally (like 5 days a week) that indoors is an office.  To my relief, indoors can also mean a record store.  Hurrah!

shake it
The Cars – Shake It Up (£2.99)
Bought at the Record Fayre at the end of June, actually (after the June round-Up).  I decided to buy this after reading Mr 1537’s assessment of it.  Now, you may remember me mentioning previously that I had started listening to The Cars pretty heavily after that post – picking up the debut, Candy-O and Heartbeat City on vinyl – but I was never a big fan of Shake It Up and held off revisiting it.  Blargh.  It also managed to secure second place in my wife’s “worst albums you have brought into this house” list.
at the sandsFrank Sinatra – Sinatra at the Sands (£3.00)
Yes!  Couldn’t believe my luck!  A really pretty nice original copy of Sinatra at the Sands.  There’s something really pretty special about this one, so I was pleased at finding it for just £3.  I also learned something about how they made some doubles back in the day, as I was baffled as to why side 2 isn’t side 2, but side 3.  Turns out that’s something they done for playing on a record changer.  A few marks, but they weren’t troublesome at all and it’s really quiet.
day at the racesQueen – A Day at the Races (£3.00)
The only other Queen album I was interested in picking up (I have A Night at the Opera) and I managed to nab this fairly nice copy at the Record Fayre just a few days after reading that 1537 guy’s assessment of it (honestly, I need to stop reading his opinions on records).  Anyway, I think someone had decided they don’t like Queen anymore, cause there was quite the selection of Queen albums.  I wasn’t that interested in the others, though.  I still haven’t listened to this yet!
buy this recordMichael Nesmith – Pretty Much Your Standard Ranch Stash (£7.00)
I’ve been after this one a while. Spotted in a good few months back (probably this time last year) when I bumped into Blabber ‘n’ Smoke‘s Paul in Missing.  Decided to weigh it up, as I was also interested in a couple of other records that day. When I went back it was gone.  Bah.  This copy is in just about perfect nick. Sounds really rich, too … in that nice gatefold sleeve. Wee extra inside it, too – a ‘promo shot’ of Mr Nesmith.
purple rainPrince – Purple Rain (£4.00)
I’ve been interested in this one for a while.  After all, it’s an album that folks wax lyrical about – “Prince … blah blah blah … Purple Rain … blah blah blah”.  Never really gave it much time myself.  A few things happened recently that meant when I seen this I decided to finally give it a listen.  Somewhat underwhelmed, though.  Can’t imagine I’ll be keeping hold of this one.
deja vuCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Deja Vu (£1.00)
Sometimes the bargain crates at Mixed-Up are worth looking in.  There’s a lot of records that are clearly hoofed, but sometimes they just need a wee bit of a clean.  This copy is tatty and the record has a lot of marks, but at a £1 it was worth a punt.  I was expecting a serious case of the rice crispies, but it’s surprisingly quiet. Hurrah!
 And of course, that Record Store Day copy of Neko Case’s Fox Confessor Brings the Flood ($34.99 – approx £20) that Aaron at KMA found for me.  That’s an utterly gorgeous slice of vinyl and it sounds wonderful.


  1. Some really nice records here! Weird thing about that Cars album though? One of the worst? I always liked the Cars…I have always found them to have a wide appeal — until I started a new job at one place. We were in an office in the back and we could play CDs. I decided to bring in my Cars greatest hits because I felt the other two would like it. Boy was I wrong! “Who is this? This is terrible! Please, take this off!” Couldn’t believe it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I like The Cars a lot, but never really been much of a fan of that one. Just really boring and lifeless. Pedestrian! Ha!

      Surprised that there were folks against The Cars greatest hits, though. That’s a damn fine compilation!

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  2. I love the Cars and there quirky deal they remind me of a 80s Weezer! Geeks that could play. I also have to say your Purple Rain Review is the best description of it EVER! Ha! Simple! Yet very effective! I still Remember being in high school when it came out and people were falling all over themselves over the film and soundtrack! Me? I was running around Shouting At The Devil! Ha!


    1. “80s Weezer” – couldn’t agree more. Though they have more great albums than Weezer! Purple Rain is horrible, Deke – you made the right choice staying clear of it!


  3. That’s one of the best blog titles I’ve ever seen. And I have to ask: What is the worst album you brought into the house? I love The Cars so maybe I’d like that too.


    1. Yeah – it’s not one for first steps. Other than a couple of tracks it’s dreadfully dull. I would definitely recommend the first album (self-titled) or the Greatest Hits. Both very good introductions.


  4. Oh man I love this style of post! It allows us to record shopping with you (after the fact)! With commentary! Between you and HMO’s Noisesome Notes, I still wanna find a sweet spot for brevity and informative over at the KMA. I like the short blurb, but as a review of the record itself! Combination!

    One thing I did find often times, when I tried the brevity thing, was that of, say, 5 records in one post, comments would be about one of them, leaving the other four unloved! haha. So I’m not gonna do that to you, I’m gonna mention them all!

    You know, I don’t think I know any Cars albums proper except Heartbeat City. I’ll take your (and your lovely wife’s) word for it on this one!

    Sinatra: (drools) ooo Iwants one, the precioussss….

    Queen: Nice score! This is a band I’ve been meaning to collect up the discography of studio albums for a while now. I’m gathering it’s pretty hard to go wrong, with those guys…

    Michael Nesmith: I confess, I do not know who this is, at the moment. To the Wikis!

    Prince: Haha I agree. It’s pretty bad. I always wanted to like Prince. I know he’s a great songwriter. Maybe I need a Hits set, or something.

    CSNY: I have that one, on LP too! Mine’s probably not in the greatest shape either.

    Neko: Hey, that looks familiar!

    Great post! Right on!

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    1. Thanks man – I found that doing a round-up was a bit better than individual posts whenever I was adding stuff to the collection. Certainly more convenient! But yeah – I guess there’s a tendency to focus on an album that jumps out at you (I know I’m guilty of that!).

      The Cars: Heartbeat City is a great album. I’m awfy fond of that one. I’d recommend the first one and Candy-O, also. This one … not so much. I believe that the five album run from Queen II is very good, though aside from Queens Greatest Hits and Innuendo I’ve only heard A Night at the Opera myself! As for Michael Nesmith: simply brilliant. You’d find loads to dig there methinks.


  5. Showing your usual thirst for diversity, James. Nice one. Be interested in what you make of Mike Nesmith. I have a Best of and have occasionally been tempted by others, but have resisted (due to a deep antipathy for country).


    1. I’m a big fan of Mr Nesmith – particularly the First National Band stuff (which I’d thoroughly recommend regardless of your stance on country – Nesmith’s pop sensibilities might be enough for you).

      I’ve still to really delve into this one (only one listen), but I liked it a whole lot.

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  6. Wow. Shake it Up and Now and Zen are your worst 2 records. I want to see your collection. It must be freaking awesome. Those 2 albums wouldn’t even be in my worst 100 albums. Shake it Up and Now and Zen were like the ugly cousins of Led Zep and earlier Cars albums, but they weren’t terrible. I mean Now and Zen had Plant and Page, and it kind of suited the weird late 80’s transition music was going through. I liked it then, but I admit it hasn’t aged real well. The Cars were getting too sappy for my tastes when the ’80’s hit but both of these albums I would give a spin when I am in a mellow, Sunday morning nostalgic mood.
    As for my worst albums, my wife hates Gordon Lightfoot and anything too heavy, but I play them when she’s not around.


    1. I’m not sure they’re my worst, but they’re certainly two that my wife considers the worst (I reckon Randy California’s Euro-American wouldn’t be far away either!)

      Gordon Lightfoot, though? Jings. I’d have thought such sounds would be inoffensive to everyone. Ever!

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  7. Interesting comment on the comparison of Weezer and the Cars, as Ric Ocasek (singer/songwriter for The Cars) produced their “Blue” album…nice scores, though, all around, but man that Sinatra was the gem amongst gems! Nice score, and great write ups!


    1. Yeah – there’s always been a wee bit of The Cars about Weezer. As well as the Blue album, he produced ‘Green’ and I think he also produced their latest (though I might be wrong).

      But yeah, that Sinatra one is brilliant – a real favourite (and dare say one of the best I’ve picked up this year).


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