“Hurrah! for Discogs”: The August Record Round-Up

I love records. Discovering new ones and re-discovering old favourites. I’ve said this before, right?  This month I’ve ticked off a couple of ‘need to hear’ records and, more importantly, nabbed a few of my grail list items (one of which is somewhere in Royal Mail’s system as I type).  Not particularly difficult to get hold of, I guess, but those grail items aren’t ones that I have seen on any of my crate digging expeditions.  My friend Craig Hughes (musician and right grumpy bastard and he who writes about tapes of the music and moving pictures variety) also threw a couple of records my way.  So, here we go.
bowie johnDavid Bowie – Diamond Dogs (£2) and Elton John – Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (£2.50)
from Record Fayre

First David Bowie record I’ve added to the collection. The sleeve is right tatty and, being just a standard reissue, there’s a definite air of ‘no thrills’ about this copy, but I’m happy with that. Bursting with character and stories. The record itself is surprisingly very good.  But anyway, I hadn’t heard this album before (I know!), so I figured it was a nice find.

This is the third Elton John album to be added to the collection. I’ve only given it a cursory listen and it was enjoyable enough, though the quality dropped off a bit on side 2 (maybe just a bit too pedestrian?) The record and sleeve are both in good condition and there’s a poster and lyric book inside.
folsomJohnny Cash – At Folsom Prison
£7.99 (incl. postage) from Discogs

I’ve had so many versions of this – standard CD, expanded reissue, and the deluxe version from a few years back – but I still needed to get the LP. Never spotted a copy, though. So I decided just to grab this when I spotted it on Discogs. Such a great album and it remains my favourite of the prison albums. Especially on LP.
fisk 2Steve Fisk – 448 Deathless Days
£4.99 (incl. postage) from Discogs

Couldn’t believe my luck when I found this one so cheap. A really brilliant piece of 80s experimentalism and a surprisingly cohesive listen. Both the sleeve and record are in really excellent condition.
houstonMark Lanegan – Houston: Publishing Demos 2002
£21.25 (incl. postage) from Amazon

I was really excited about this one, especially given that last year’s Phantom Radio had me longing to hear another dusty Lanegan album. This certainly done the trick. The material here is brilliant and the album cover (by Jon Langford) is pretty striking. It’s a nice heavy record housed in a gatefold sleeve complete with credits and lyrics.
ko-ko jenningsJerry Reed – Ko-Ko Joe and Waylon Jennings – Most Wanted Nashville Rebel

I met up with Craig Hughes for some coffee drinking and chat covering a range of topics. He brought along a couple of records that he thought might appeal to me.  I have seen that Jerry Reed album a couple of times and I’ve always thought the cover is utterly brilliant, but I have never heard a Jerry Reed album (I know!). Craig was right, though – totally appeals to me and I enjoyed this a whole lot.

As for Waylon, aside from Highwaymen and the Waylon and Willie album with Willie Nelson, I’ve heard very little (again, I know!). This is a pretty swell 2LP collection from 1980 and a good starting point for someone who isn’t all that familiar with his work.

I’m also waiting on a copy of The Gutter Twins’ Saturnalia after spotting a copy on Discogs for £20. Couldn’t let that pass me by. I’ll up a picture or two when it arrives …



  1. I read an interview in Men’s Journal recently where Waylon said he was at Folsom when Cash played there. Not with the band, but in the audience!


      1. May have had the prison mixed up. Or is Folsom the same as San Quentin? There’s so many prisons it’s hard to keep them all straight.


  2. Holy cow did we just get 99% of your face in a post? Is that a first?

    Hurrah! for Discogs. Like you, I recently lost some of my digital music (but not much). I had to figure out what didn’t make it. I had to refer to my Discogs history, because I could have sworn I had some Bon Jovi singles that I seemed to be missing. Turns out I bought them on vinyl — that’s why I couldn’t find them among the CDs!

    Some GREAT country here. I wonder where my dad put all his old country LPs? He had a lot of Cash.

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    1. Good grief! You’re very correct! The ‘parcel for you’ post must have been about 97%

      The cross-referencing of stuff is a tiring process, eh? I’ve managed to get all the digital stuff in one place now, but loads of CDs have been moved on and I’m kinda thinking ‘mnah’. I’ll search for what I’m missing when I think to myself “I want to listen to …”.

      … and you can’t beat a good country record. Proper good country – not the lightweight big hat stuff. I like my country a little dusty and a little gnarly.


  3. Have you ever considered getting work on QVC, or something similar? I reckon you’d be a natural.

    The Lanegan is very much on my want list (thanks to you!) and I like the cover of the Jerry Reed a lot too.

    Speaking of the Bowie, I spent an evening making a cock for him for my post on DD – there are apparently a few non-censored copies out there worth £9.2m each (approx.).

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    1. Believe it or not I did go through a phase where I was keen to work for a shopping channel! Occasionally like to revisit that, too.

      … seems I missed that Bowie post. Splendid effort, though – maybe they’ll approach you for the deluxe mega interactive reissue?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s easy to get sucked in. I’ll think of five or six other artists to look up when I’m on there to just look up one. Do you have a user page there? Do you keep track of your vinyl on there? I took a month over two years ago and loaded all of my records in the collection area. Now I can truly keep track of my addiction.


      2. Yup – caught up looking through discography after discography. And yeah – I keep track of the collection over there (and add countless stuff to my wantlist and even shift stuff on that has no home). Ridiculous!

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  4. Fantastic post, and what a shopping excursion! You got a lot of greatness there. Discogs is bloody evil, it’s true. I could send us to the bank for a second mortgage if I was given free rein on that site… I could also spend some time in Record Fayre too – I believe I’ve heard our evilest and blackest HMO mention that place too. Next time I’m in town… haha it’s only been 20 years…

    Great pics too. Love it.

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    1. It’s really easy to spend cash Discogs. Way too easy. Still, I’ve always managed to nap some reasonably priced goods and thought I done pretty swell with the three albums here. Lots of greatness, indeed!


      1. Brother Craig here in my town has a bad (and also awesome) habit of shopping on Discogs whilst drunk. He gets a lot of GREATNESS (his collection really is drool-worthy) but then he gets his VISA bill… hahaha.


    1. You betcha it is – why not, eh?

      One listen, but Diamond Dogs is really great. Took me by surprise. Rocked and rolled like the Rolling Stones at times, but there’s such a great feel to it.

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  5. Hurrah for Discogs indeed! It’s a fine site. As well as the second-hand stuff I rely on it for buying a lot of the more obscure Metal releases I pick up. It’s sometimes the only place where I can track down physical copies of releases I’m after. Amazon doesn’t carry certain European labels much and neither do the shops around here! (And eBay is and option but it’s usually a bit more pricey than Discogs)

    I’m looking to get more into Bowie myself… I’ve heard Diamond Dogs but don’t own it so I’ll be picking that up soon hopefully. Hunky Dory is the one that gets most plays in the HMO Mission Control.


    1. I’m finding I’m turning to it a bit more often, though admittedly for second-hand stuff. Only a matter of time before I start picking up new release stuff though, though – like you I’m finding that shops around here don’t much stock stuff I’m looking for and Amazon can be a bit pricey when it’s not a popular release.

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      1. I don’t really use Amazon all that much. I tend to use the marketplace sellers more often. I would only usually use Amazon when it is a big, popular release.

        And I’ve started using Discogs as a way to keep track of my collection too. I found a decent android app so I can scan all my albums in and hopefully end up with a proper list of everything I’ve got!

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  6. Nice post. Discogs is awesome. It helps sort out allbums I find that are the same title, but different code.
    I have yet to inclufe all of my albums. I think it will take a month, but should be worth it. It will keep me from buying doubles. I downloaded the apps on my android phone to try the scanner, and it found the code, but I can’t get it to load this into discogs. Also, the scans I think are only on mid 80’s and newer, so I guess manual is the only way for older.

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    1. I totally neglected the other great things about Discogs (keeping track of your collection!) – it’s not just the finding records! I’ve nabbed the app and will toy around with it a bit, but I like the idea of using it for scannable stuff to save me looking for etchings, etc.

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      1. I just loaded mu info into discogs. I had previously used it to check the rarity and value of my thrift store finds. Now I have to go back and load them. Damnit. I should havr had an account and it would have taken an extra split second to add to my collection. I did 2 today. Only about 5000 more to go. 🙂


      2. I toyed with the idea of entering all of my collection into Discogs, but then got daunted as it seemed like so much work and for what? Not that I think Dicogs is going anywhere, but trusting a list externally… I even had a blog for it, at one point but it ate itself. I dunno, I just have a .txt file now.


      3. I dare say it’s a bit of a chore when you already have a large collection. I didn’t have too many records (I haven’t entered CDs) when I started using it and it’s easy enough entering as I add new records. Plus, I recently discovered the ‘value of collection’ view. That’s a nice wee feature. Especially when you’re thinking a particular album can be moved on.


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