Fifteen on the Fifteenth: Favourite Albums

15“What’s your top ten albums?” is a question that gives me high anxiety. What are those ten albums? List after list after list is made before I settle on one. That list rarely changes. A constant ten jostling for first position. On occasion, one or two reaching new hights (the top five), but I don’t like to assign numbers. That’s just way too tough.

When asked about a top 15, my head near enough exploded. So many possibilities. An endless list of albums that are just ‘bubbling under’. Whittle them down to just five!? Challenge accepted. Countless notepads later and the list has been decided. Not necessarily the best albums I’ve heard, but these fifteen are favourites. Albums that I’ve turned to time and time again.

Masters of Reality – Masters of Reality (1988)
often referred to as The Blue Garden on account of the splendid painting that adorns the cover, this album has long been a favourite. So much so that I paid £36 for the original Def American CD from eBay and thought nothing of it. It’s a classic rock album flavoured by psychedelic stoner blues and 60s and 70s vibes.

Screaming Trees – Dust (1996)
I totally subscribed to that whole ‘grunge’ thing after hearing Nirvana. I was late to the Screaming Trees, though – this was the first album of theirs I bought. Utterly brilliant start to finish despite the troubles within the band and the label. It transcends ‘grunge’ and surfs on rays of psychedelic splendour.

Jane’s Addiction – Nothing’s Shocking (1988)
I posted about this one a while back if you want to read all my thoughts on it, but in short this is classic rock dragged backwards through glass.

The Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen (1993)
My friend Joe had given me this back at the dawn of the millennium. Back then I was hooked on K-Billy’s Supersounds of the 70’s and alternative rock. When we got talking about music and he identified that I was into a whole load of alternative rock, he says “do you like The Afghan Whigs?”. I’m glad he asked me that question. Aside from the slap on the chops when I said “no”, he told me he’d give me a loan of Gentlemen. “It’s fuckin’ awesome”. Yup.

The Afghan Whigs – Black Love (1996)
… and I don’t understand exactly how The Whigs were overlooked. They really are one of the best from the alternative rock boom back in the 90s. Swagger, soul, sparring guitars, imagination, and a whole load more. This is my favourite, though. Just. Dulli took his demons and wrapped them all up in a wonderful slice of noir.

Tom Waits – Mule Variations (1999)
This one is perfect. Sprawling, warm and beautiful. Not only is there not a bad song on here, but it boasts some of my favourite Tom Waits songs.

Johnny Cash – The Fabulous Johnny Cash (1958)
This is an audacious album to release as your debut. So many great (and timeless) numbers and I honestly never tire of it. One that we’ve listened to a fair bit over the years. I dare say it’s my wife’s favourite, too.

Johnny Cash – Orange Blossom Special (1965)
The first Johnny Cash album that I properly listened to and the one I tell folks to listen to when they start that whole “all Johnny Cash stuff sounds the same” shenanigans. It’s a special record – wonderful cover, Dylan songs, murder, prison, a train, and You Wild Colorado.

ZZ Top – Tres Hombres (1973)
Is it possible to discover an album within the last five years and call it one of your all-time favourites?  I reckon so.  I can’t believe that I overlooked ZZ Top for so long. Seriously, it’s ridiculous.  Craig Hughes was baffled when I explained that I had never heard any ZZ Top albums.  He assured me they were only one of his favourites and responsible for a bunch of absolutely essential albums.  Highlighted this as a life changer.  He wasn’t wrong.  I’ll never tire of this.  Ever.

Stone Temple Pilots – Purple (1994)
I remember hearing this back in the day and falling in love with it from the off.  Big riffs, darkness and all sorts of energy.  There was loads of noise about the band being Pearl Jam copyists – ‘grunge-lite’.  But they were completely different bands.  Plus, for my money that other lot never made an album this good.

Mark Lanegan – Scraps at Midnight (1998)
Lanegan has so many great solo albums, but this one will always be my favourite and it’s one I just keep going back to.  I bought this on release day and took it back to my friend Alan’s place.  We sat and listened to this sucker and then got Blast Corps on the old Nintendo 64.  Then we listened to Izzy Stradlin’s 117° (which I picked up the same day after ordering) and Scraps at Midnight again.  Good times.

The Doors – Strange Days (1967)
Magnificent stuff this – and I covered it fairly recently.

Queens of the Stone Age – Rated R (2000)

Yup. This is awesome. The first great alternative rock album of the millennium and one I honestly don’t think has been bettered (though I do reckon their … Like Clockwork comes really pretty close!).  I still listen to this an awfy lot.  Just absolutely incredible.

Spirit – The Family That Plays Together (1968)
Twelve Dreams … is the one folks pick out as being the bonkers psychedelic masterpiece, but The Family That Plays Together is looser, and, for me, the perfect marriage of Strange Days-era Doors psychedelia and 60s pop. Utterly infectious, too.  You can pretty much draw a line to everything that’s good about alternative rock, ‘stoner rock’ or ‘desert rock’ from this album.  Or at least this band (and The Doors and ZZ Top, of course).

American Music Club – Mercury (1993)
Another that Joe introduced me to.  Late 1999, I believe.  Took a copy on mini-disc and listened to it practically every day until buying my own copy after a couple of weeks.  Love this album.  Joe introduced me to a lot of great stuff and this is one of the very best.

So, there you have it, 15 of my absolute favourites.  I noticed while putting this list together that there’s a whole bunch from the 90s.  Well, I guess you can tell when I had my major ‘musical awakening’, eh?  The stuff I discovered then has inspired me and stuck around with me, too.  Through a whole host of different things.

As the question was thrown out there for all to participate, there are a bunch of other writers out there posting their 15 top albums (or books about music in 1537’s case).

Here’s a bunch of others for you to check out (I’ll add links to others as they appear).

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*note the exclusion of The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. Easily in my top 5, but I have no idea where my CD copy is, so I couldn’t possibly include it.


54 thoughts on “Fifteen on the Fifteenth: Favourite Albums”

      1. Correct. Aaron has them too, on a single I believe. Great album. I’m pleased to see I’m not the only one who holds it in such high esteem. When it comes to Tom Waits, I don’t have a lot, so the fact I have that one (on import!) speaks many volumes.

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    1. I’m assuming the Masters of Reality album is one that you’re familiar with? Perhaps? I reckon that’s one you’d dig … in fact, I reckon everyone should dig that album.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tres Hombres and Strange Days are the ones I know best. I know songs here and there from the others but I’m not that familiar with Masters of Reality actually. I remember it coming out (and Ginger Baker played with them for a bit didn’t he?)… But that’s about it!


      2. Ah – yeah, of course!

        Masters of Reality are brilliant. Especially this one and Sunrise on the Sufferbus (with Ginger!). Reckon you’d definitely like this one, though.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. J., this is beautiful. I love all of it and I haven’t even heard all of these records! Great choices. Mule Variations came thisclose to getting on my list. In fact, I can’t even tell you why it didn’t. It might be the one that slipped through the cracks on me.


    1. Thank ya, kindly. I recommend consumption of all of these albums.

      Mule Variations almost slipped through the cracks here … it was between that and Bone Machine, but it just (just!) pipped it.


  2. So you quite like this Lanegan chap then? Dust and Tres Hombres would have been very close to making mine I think. You’d pick Mule V over Bone Machine? I mean its brilliant, but BM has it for me, just.

    Your picks all sound like dusty, wide-open spaces, I reckon.


    1. He’s awrite, I guess. I gave the Mule Variations vs. Bone Machine a load of thought, but there’s something about Mule Variations that just pulls at me. Always has. Maybe it’s the dust …

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    1. Like many others, I expect to be reassessing these choices over the next few days!

      … it’ll be the last ‘favourites’ list I’ll do, though. Just too tough!


      1. They do, yeah. No idea why they never really got the attention some of the other alternative rock bands got back in the day. Likely cause they weren’t ‘grunge’ enough.

        And yes, Dulli is responsible for most of it, but the others play huge parts too.

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  3. Cool to see some ZZ…..STP that as well is a great album! Interstate Love Somg man that chorus is gold! Great list of course I’m always scouring for the Rock! Hahahaha….

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  4. Some top stuff there sir. A few things I’ve just never checked out as well (I don’t believe I’ve ever heard anything by The Afghan Whigs); I’ll seek to rememdy that. If I were to compile such a list, Tres Hombres would definitely be there but I think the rest would differ (although I’d likely have Tom Waits and The Doors on there, just different albums). Sadly it’s a day too late. Perhaps I’ll start a “Top 16 on the 16th” splinter group for the *really* cool kids…


    1. Thanks, Craig. I went through a phase of pushing The Afghan Whigs on anyone and everyone I knew. Occasionally relapse and still go through periods of pushing. You must have been lucky enough to escape that (not for long now, though!).

      Your splinter group sounds cool … do you accept “15 on the 15th” defectors?

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  5. A great list. Nice to see a fellow Whigs fan, both Gentlemen and Black Love are great. Was lucky enough to see them live on several occasions back then and they were worth the price of admission for sure.

    Deciding on a Waits album for me was a bit dicey as well. Mule Variations is a great one.


    1. I didn’t get to see them until the recent Do To The Beast tour. Marvellous, but I would love to have seen them with Rick.

      It’s tricky when artists have such rich catalogues, eh?

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    1. Being more of a Cash fan I dare say I’m more familiar with them than I am Dylan’s (an on the fence answer there, huh?). But I’d recommend exploring that album. It’s one of the most incredible albums – it really is a joy. His phrasing and delivery on those Dylan numbers is spot on, too.


    1. Thanks, Wayne! Nothing beats an album that pulls you in time and time again, but ‘official’ lists tend to overlook them too often. Music doesn’t always need to raise the bar, eh? Just needs to connect with you on some level …


      1. Yes, blogging is about the art of the subjective – all the time and everytime. We write what we love not what we think should be loved. we are music listeners not music tasters. [sorry -I get carried away] 🙂

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  6. Pearl Jam has been a sentimental favourite of mine since tenth grade so if you say that Purple is better than any album they’ve ever made, I will have to give it a listen. I always liked STP but never listened to any of their albums all the way through. I enjoyed your list.


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Matt. I really liked both bands, but I don’t often listen to Pearl Jam now, while STP remain a firm favourite. Purple, Tiny Music, and No. 4 all get considerable spins … but yeah, Purple is a great starting point if you’ve never listened to any STP albums start to finish. For my money, it’s as perfect as it gets!


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