“Want some old hippie records?”: The October Record Round-up

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks over here on account of me becoming a father.  The arrival of J Jnr. has meant that I’ve put some things on hold if I can’t get them done during a series of ‘stolen moments’. So blogging is / was on hold indefinitely as I focus on being there for my family.

I also anticipated that I wouldn’t get to stop by a record store to pick up, or investigate, some albums that I’m really keen to get my hands on.  Especially during my time off work.  Now that I’m back, though, I reckon there’s an opportunity for lunch-time digs and suchlike.  But, y’know, it’s all good.

I’ve managed to listen to some records.  A slightly different listening experience, but I’ve enjoyed dropping the needle on a few of my favourite LPs while the wee man has been sleeping or in need of soothing.  Music, it seems, is as wonderful to that wee guy as it is to me.  He’s already soothed by the baritone of Johnny Cash and the relaxing rhythms of, er, AC/DC.  Lullabies here are a curious mix of murder ballads and dusty redemption songs.

Most importantly, I’ve just enjoyed being with my family; looking at my wife and our wonderful little boy.  I feel blessed.  And I don’t care if I don’t yet have my hands on Crosseyed Heart, The Epic or the reissue of my favourite Izzy Stradlin album (Music on Vinyl just recently put out 117°). Or the other hundred albums or so that I’ve added to the list thanks to all those ‘expensive’ blogs I read.  All I care about is this. I love this wee guy to bits. The being there. The chaos. The noise. I wouldn’t swap it.

So, why’s this a round-up post?  Well, there are a couple of new additions to the collection courtesy of my brother.  He’d dropped me a line a while back asking whether I wanted “some old hippie records” as he was clearing out some that he didn’t listen to.


Joni Mitchell – Blue
I know that I’m in the minority here, but I just can’t connect with this one.  At all. I get that it’s one of those albums, and maybe that’s what the problem is. I gave it a spin and can’t see me going back to it any time soon. Still, it’s one I can pull out when visitors are over and asking for something that isn’t Queens of the Stone Age.

Tim Hardin – Tim Hardin 2
Probably his best album. This is a reissue from 2006. A nice slice of heavyweight vinyl. Strangely there’s a Russian language only inner.  Side two has a hairline scratch through track one which causes a slight pop for a couple of rotations, but overall this sounds really pretty nice.  The wee yin reacted favourably to this one.


Tim Buckley – Goodbye and Hello and Blue Afternoon
I was very aware of the goods offered by Goodbye and Hello, but I was not at all familiar with Blue Afternoon (aside from Cafe – though Mark Lanegan’s take was somewhat different).  Both of these are really pretty great, though Blue Afternoon is stunning (a really tremendous album).  The wee yin appeared to approve of that one, too.

That’s it. That’s what’s been going on.  Happy days.

Join me next time when I’ll be taking a look at one of the records in my collection.

Or maybe just posting another round-up.



  1. I’ve probably said CONGRATULATIONS!! a bunch of times already, but here it is again! CONGRATULATIONS!! And welcome indeed to Mr. J. Jr. I’m glad the music education has begun so soon (as it should 🙂 ).

    Man, don’t worry about the soothing sounds. For a long time there, the only thing that would get our daughter to sleep, on late-night drives in the car, was Ill Communication. When she got older, but still not speaking sentnces, she would sit in the back and ask for “Bys! Boys! Boys!” She wanted ore Beasties. True story. So, a little bit of Angus aint gonna steer him very far wrong either.

    Man, I’ve been trying to get to Blue for a long time. It never clicked with me, either. And it was only recently that I did (somewhat) come to a bit of an understanding with it. I don’t know if it was the mood I was in, or circumstances around me, or just what made me start to think it was just alright, but there you have it. I say give it time. One day down the line, we’ll both be talking about how great it is! Haha. Or not.

    And hey, you were just gifted Blue, and so was I! As you may recall, it was our Mr. 1537 (a fine fellow) who bestowed an LP copy upon me recently. So, we’re twinsies!

    The Hardin is not something I have explored at all, as of yet. I see his records in the bins every now and again, so maybe next time I’ll remember to pick it up and give it a whirl. I do like me some hippie music, now and again.

    Once again, congrats! And the best part about this post?

    “All I care about is this. I love this wee guy to bits. The being there. The chaos. The noise. I wouldn’t swap it.”

    Amen, brother. I hear that so very loud and clear. Amen indeed.

    Give ‘er!

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    1. Twinsies! I may revisit Blue at some point – different listening conditions, etc – but can’t see that happening for a while. I would definitely encourage checking out some Tim Hardin. This is the one I’m most familiar with, but the man has a rich catalogue of songs.

      … and thanks again, sir. We’re loving every minute of this whole parenthood thing!


  2. Congratulations on becoming a father to a son. It’s been almost 11 years since I’ve had to soothe a little one back into an hour or two more of sleep. It’s a very special time, indeed. Enjoy it, friend. Even the lack of sleep, enjoy it.

    The records will wait. That little guy will not.


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    1. Thanks, Mr Hubner – I’m definitely enjoying every minute (even the lack of sleep!). We both are. Actually, I dare say all three of us are – the wee man seems to be on splendid form between the hours of 11pm and 6am.

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  3. Fantastic J – your priorities are right where they should be!
    Good for you for taking time to enjoy the ride. One thing I still have to remind myself is not to worry about documenting/photographing everything, just be completely present in those moments with the wee ones.
    Excited for you guys, congrats again!

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    1. Thanks Geoff – we’ve certainly not taken enough photos to please family members! But like you say, it’s hard to think “camera” when you have those certain moments!

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  4. Wow, who can talk vinyl at a time like this? Big congratulations!!!! You must be over the moon and also crazy exhausted. Glad to hear you’re already imprinting on your baby musically – get em while they’re young.

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