“That’s the best record you’ve brought into this house”: The November Record Round-Up

November turned out to be something of a swift month (much like this month!). Time has just gotten away and loads of stuff appears to have crept up.  No jaunts to record stores to report, either.  I did, however, use the internets to add two records to the collection.

Walking Papers

Walking Papers – Walking Papers (Sunyata, 2012; Loud & Proud, 2013)
£10.30 (incl. postage) from Amazon Marketplace

Snapped this up from the Amazon Marketplace. It’s been on my radar a while, but it was always a wee bitty expensive (£30 or so). Given that I have the original CD I wasn’t mad keen to spend that; however, one of the sellers had it for little over £9, so I decided to nab it.

Buena Vista Social Club

Buena Vista Social Club – Buena Vista Social Club (World Circuit, 1997)
£17.00 (incl. postage) from Discogs

This one was a Discogs purchase … not the super expensive original, but the recent repress. An album that’s been played a helluva lot in our house over the years and, given the price of originals, we’ve had our fingers crossed for a reissue. Which World Circuit finally gave us.

Spotted this on Discogs for £14.00 new and thought “hurrah!”. No brainer. My wife’s favourite record.



  1. I always loved the story of the Buena Vista Social Club more than the music itself really, those Latin rhythms have never really done much for me I’m afraid. I do like me some Ruben Gonzalez though, I did buy that CD when it came out. It does look like a really lovely item though.


    1. It’s a really nice sounding record, Paul – nice and rich. Remastered by the same chap that was responsible for doing the initial release.


  2. Two awesome records! You’ve mentioned the Walking Papers before and I still eed to get to them, this may be my reminder! And the BVSC is a stone classic, we jam it here quite a bit too. I had at least one other off-shoot record from that…

    Anyway, why no records stores? What coupld possibly be eating up your time? 😉


    1. That Walking Papers album is a real favourite. Definitely worth your time! As for BVSC, I have a couple of the solo releases … all really good, too.


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