“Parcels for you, Pal”

What a week. In fact, scrap that, we’re talking two weeks here. Two weeks of feeling a tad off the map. Sinusitis that’s meant that everything I’ve listened to through headphones has had a slightly out of place buzz. I’ve coughed and spluttered myself awake at night. Stared at creeping shadows and counted sheep. The man-flu / sinusitus / viral infection has been a formidable foe.  The Conan Doyle to my Houdini. The Magneto to my Xavier.  Or vice versa.  Or something like that.

But, a couple of parcels arrived for me yesterday from a couple of real swell chaps.  Honestly, they really brightened up my week.


Knowing how much I love Stone Temple Pilots and Scott Weiland, Mr Hubner said he had a promo copy of 12 Bar Blues that he’d like to send on to me.  The promo is marvelous and includes an alternative intro to Barbarella and the song Lazy Divey.  As you can see, he also threw in a couple of extras.  Now, those of you who drop by regularly will know that it’s not often CDs find themselves in the stereo these days, but I’m really looking forward to getting to know those Left Lane Cruiser albums.  I’ve been interested in getting something of theirs for a while, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  A cursory listen, but the one with Reverend James Leg is particularly brilliant – some really great fried blues versions of blues and rock classics from the likes of Junior Kimbrough, Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Taj Mahal, and even my favourite Led Zeppelin track.  Just what the doctor ordered!

Anyhoo, the biggy there is 12 Bar Blues; I’m really pleased (understatement) to have a physical copy of this in the collection.  Thanks, JH.


The other parcel was from Mr 1537.  Despite knocking on Death’s door, he said he had a few things he was sending my way.  One that he knew I was after, one he thought I’d dig, and the other, most importantly, to further my METAL-ducation.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly has been on my mind the last week or so (due to yon The Hateful Eight) and I was looking at a copy on Discogs just the other day.  Already been on fairly heavy rotation – a play yesterday and once today!

The others are gems, too.  A cursory listen tells me that Gallon Drunk album is gonna be a favourite, while Piece Of Mind becomes my first slice of Iron Maiden vinyl!  A band that I’ve explored at various times over the years, but I’ve never gotten round to listening to that one.  I reckon his nation deserves a win in the rugby for that.

He also threw in a wee extra …

So, big thanks to Mr Hubner and Mr 1537.



  1. Holy hell this is all amazing!! That promo is sweet (especially for the different versions)! I don’t know Left Lane Cruiser, but your description makes me wanna know more…

    And three LPs from 1537 too! That GB&U is awesome. I don’t know Gallon Drunk, but Maiden? MAIDEN?!?! Holy hell. I don’t own any Maiden on LP but I can only imagine it’s glorious.

    Well done, Mr. Hubner and Mr. 1537!! And J., you’ve had a most excellent week in the mails. Wow.

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    1. You bet – all of this is glorious. Really awesome treasures.

      Left Lane Cruiser are magnificent. A fuzzy buzzing overridden Black Keys. I’m looking at getting some vinyl. That’s how good they be!

      The LPs are beautiful. Mr 1537 knows me to well!

      … I might be feeling off the map, but I did indeed have a most excellent week in the mails.

      Community. Hurrah!

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  2. Every young rocker should get a copy of Iron Maiden on vinyl at the ripe age of 16. The same day you get your drivers license, you get a copy. That way when the cops pull you over for speeding, and ask “license, registration, insurance and Maiden.” you can oblige them. Anyone that shows the police the Maiden album will not get a ticket. That is law.

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  3. Did you listen to any Pink Floyd while on the high test cough syrup?

    Community is awesome isn’t it?

    Nice findings. I am sure that promo Scott Weiland will have a premium spot near the front of your cd rack for easy grabbing.


    1. It was all Hendrix and Roky Erickson! Gods making love and two-headed dogs is my kind of syrup trip.

      Community, man. Not enough awesomes can cover it.

      And you bet that Weiland CD is in a premium spot …

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    1. It’s pretty horrendous, huh? I don’t often get it this bad (last time being a fair few years ago), but it’s really floored me. Bah.

      But yes! Hurrah! for JH and 1537. These sounds are filled with all the good vibrations needed to cure me of this affliction!

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  4. There’s nothing good music(and a couple rounds of antibiotics) can’t cure. Here’s to getting better sir!

    PS: Hope the little one avoided the viral stuff.


    1. I only own two! This one and Paris, Texas. But, if you’re only ever gonna own one, I reckon this is a good shout and you don’t ever really need anything else (other than Paris, Texas of course! :D)

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      1. I really want to improve my standing.
        As a hypothetical, I would be torn between knocking over a feeble old woman that was reaching for the last copy of vinyl, and settling for a cd.
        Guide me o wise one.

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  5. I’m sorry you’ve been sick. It’s hit our house too – hard. And lingering. Great parcels in the mail can turn any day better though, can’t they? Lucky you. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Great set of disks! The one that popped out at me was “The Good the Bad and the Ugly.” My dad took me to see this film in something like 1967 in a drive-in movie theatre. I bought the album as soon as I could and listened to it about a million times. Each song is perfect and perfect for the scene it appears in.


    1. That’s a favourite of mine also. I have a lot of memories attached to the film – like you, I first saw it with my dad (not in the cinema, but TV) and for the longest time I was with him anytime I re-watched it. The music is striking and memorable. A classic, for sure!


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