Moving on


You’ll likely see content disappear from here over the next week or so as the site fades away to black.

Fear not, though! While this site will be gone in week or so, Resurrection Songs will continue to spin and I’ll continue at to write at a new home. New layout, etc. Possibly more often.

It’s been a hoot sharing thoughts and images of new records and, well, I hope y’all join me over at the new place.

There’s still some work to be done on the site (last minute theme change!), but there’s a subscribe box there and a link to the ol’ Facebook page, too.

Thanks for all the chat and support so far.




  1. Aw man! Well at least you’ll still be writing! What’s the reason for the change?

    If it’s still WP I’ll subscribe ASAP. If not, I might lose you because I don’t have a Facecrack page either. Off to click the link to find out!


    1. I decided to register the domain and cause I already have a host package I just added it to that (no extra hosting costs). It’s still the WordPress platform, though – and I’m still working at setting things up and get it working with WordPress stuffs (comments and, hopefully, the reader thing if possible – hang in there!)


  2. No dislike button here. Dang. Well of course I’ll follow you wherever you go, sir. But I really like my spot on the couch over at the old place. Fits me just right. May I bring a bean bag to the new joint?

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    1. I’ve taken that ol’ couch over there, sir. Right in a similar spot. Bean bag is welcome, though. Could really lighten the place, I reckon. Plus, there’s some nice beers in the fridge and some good crinkle cut chips …

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    1. Marvellous! The new place will be just like this ol’ place in no-time.

      Thanks for highlighting the ‘About’ cul-de-sac. I shall add to the list of things to set about sorting out pronto!

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      1. I use the Reader for all the blogs I follow (non wp ones too). So I just copied and pasted the addy in and the reader was able to scrape info from your site. Huzzah!
        Now that this new site is up, I take it there is no way to like your blogs or comment like before? I see fields to input an email and comment now…

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      2. This is excellent, Sarca – I shall maybe post about this in case folks want to follow via the Reader – thank you!

        I have a few things to do on the site, but I believe you can now comment on there if you’re signed in to Just like commenting here! Should work peachy? If not, I’ll get back to that …

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    1. Same here! I think I’m getting better, though. Learned how navigate my way through the Windows update!

      Hopefully subscribing there aint much of a problem now (you can copy the URL into Reader!)


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