What You Want You Got It

I had a look around a local record store during lunch time today.   I had a couple of records in mind while I was browsing the racks, but none of them were there.  I’m not sure whether they were out of stock or not stocked at all, but I wasn’t too disheartened when I spotted a long-time want and spotted that a couple of albums priced at £10.

Anyhoo, I headed back to the office with two records tucked under my arm.new records

Israel Nash’s Rain Plans has been on my list a while, so it’s good to cross that one off.  For anyone who isn’t aware of Israel Nash I’d recommend this as a great starting point.  There’s some Neil Young vibes there, but there’s also something more transcendental.  Trust me, the man is special.

The other is La Hell Gang‘s Thru Me Again.  I’d never heard them before tonight, but I bought this album for four reasons.

  • I dig the album cover
  • it’s a Mexican Summer release
  • They’re called La Hell Gang; and
  • The sticker says “Incredible Chilean power trio”
La Hell Gang
La Hell Gang: psychedelic awesomeness.

Turns out this is great.  A little like Night Beats but with big, loose, and lazy riffs.

… yup, it’s pretty great.

£20 well spent.



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