Look On The Bright Side

So, on Monday I picked up a great Mexican Summer release by a Chilean outfit called La Hell Gang which was really pretty brilliant.  While listening to it I was all enthusiastic and thinking “this is exceptional!”

Then disaster struck.

Some fairly incredible ‘pops’ burst through the speakers.  Not during quiet passages, but over the actual wonderfulness of La Hell Gang‘s satiable scuzzy grooves.

“Acht” says I “I’ll get a replacement tomorrow”.

“Sorry, we don’t have any other copies”.  Bah.

“Probably get it back in, but it might be next week”.  Probably is good, right?

“Is there anything else you seen just now?”  Let me have a look.

Nirvana - In Utero

Man, I’ve been weighing up whether to buy this album on vinyl for so long.  I have it on CD.  I even had the deluxe reissue from a few years back.  Y’know, the one complete with the Albini mixes, etc.  I didn’t really need it on vinyl.  Until today.

It’s one of those important albums.  I’m not talking ‘one of those important albums’ in the sense that it’s one of those important albums.  But it’s one of them.  An album that’s incredibly important to me.  An album I love unreservedly.  Have done since the moment I first heard it.

23 years old and still vital.

What’s that saying?  Oh yeah, give’r.



      1. You wouldn’t think so, and yet they have literally sat for so long that I’m sure my 6 month return window has passed. I should know by now to just learn to love the hisses.


      2. Oooft. Over 6 months, eh? Not a bad returns window, though!

        … and yeah, sometimes some surface noise can be a good thing. If it’s a regular thing you need to get a new dealer!


    1. A very good point, Geoff – the Unplugged set highlighted that the songs worked in a different setting.

      As for Frances Farmer, that’s possibly my favourite track on the album.

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