I’ll Try Not To Sing Out Of Tune

Another lunch time wander today.  Dropped into the Record Fayre for the first time since May (or so).  Slim pickings, but there was one LP that took my fancy (that’s how slim the pickings).  I got chatting with the fella who owns the place and he was saying how there hasn’t been much of a turnaround with vinyl.  Not much demand and, in turn, not much supply.  “It’s all about the CDs”, he says.

With A Little Help From My Fwends

Anyhoo, the LP I spotted is one that I’ve been considering buying for a while.  The stumbling block has always been the somewhat mixed reviews.  Still, The Flaming Lips are one of my favourite bands and With A Little Help From My Fwends also happens to be a ‘tribute’ to the only album by The Beatles that I have much time for (sorry Beatlemaniacs).  So, at £10 it seemed like a perfect time to snap this up.

Happens to be sealed, too.  Result.

I’ll report back, of course.



  1. For the price I think you made out pretty well. This one has its moments, but it didn’t hold my attention as much as, say, their ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ tribute did. I just felt like their were more special guests than actual Lips on it. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this one.


  2. OOoh, that’s a good one. My sister was just soliciting ideas for Sean’s birthday and it’s hard to come up with ideas spontaneously.


    1. Records, Jay! They’re the perfect gift. In fact, I have a couple of old records with the great ‘perfect gift’ inner sleeves. So, must be true.

      This one is all colourful and, eh, noisy. With a lot of special guests, too.

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      1. Yes, I do think records are a perfect gift EXCEPT it’s hard to keep track of what he’s already got, which feels like nearly everything, although every time we go to a store, he can handily find a dozen more he NEEDS.

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      1. Nah, I’m just a bit tiddly and I don’t like Flaming Lips – possibly because I’m jealous of just how cool Mr Coyne always looks.


      2. Quite surprising. I reckon they’re just about one of the best bands that have ever existed. But then, it seems you either really love them or dislike them; I totally acknowledge that. Obviously I really love them. Have done since I first heard them. I love bonkersness. But you’d be surprised by the weight in their stuff, though… there’s some heavy themes in there.

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  3. Haha “it’s all about the CDs…” I think I just heard our Lego Man cringe from across the Atlantic…

    Flaming Lips tribute to Beatles? Agreed: Instant purchase. Well done!

    Also, this is me noticing your comments are back on WP in the Reader! Yes, I am behind…

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    1. Indeed you do! I reckon you’d find a lot there to love. Most accessible is The Soft Bulletin or Yoshimi, but I’m a huge believer that if you don’t feel anything while listening to Clouds Taste Metallic there’s a good chance there’s never gonna be a connection.

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