Set The Dials To Thrill Me

So, at the start of the week there I received an email.  The Afghan Whigs Newsletter, actually.  ‘The Afghan Whigs’ Black Love Turns 20’ It declares.  I know this to be a fact, as I am only too familiar with the album (it is, after all, one of my ‘Fifteen’).  However, I figured there must be a reason for highlighting this to folks who likely know the album’s age.

“Perhaps a few dates of The Afghan Whigs play Black Love”, I think to myself as I hover over the email ready to click …

“maybe a reissue?”


“though Music On Vinyl reissued it a while back and I have that already …”

The news?  The release of Black Love (20th Anniversary Edition) for Record Store Day Black Friday.  As I’m thinking “I don’t need that” I read the detail…

‘released on November 25 as a double-CD and a triple-LP’


… ‘Both include a newly remastered version of the original 11-track album, plus nine previously unreleased recordings, including demos, outtakes and studio jams’.

So, that’s that pre-ordered.



26 thoughts on “Set The Dials To Thrill Me”

  1. ‘Gentlemen’ is on the 1001 – I haven’t explored yet, but if J approves, I reckon I’ll enjoy too. I’ve had that semblance of discipline too with purchases, thinking “no, I’ve got that already” before caving and buying – a triple LP is a totally understandable splurge!


    1. Gentlemen is a great album, Geoff – soulful, visceral, and it really packs a punch. That’s when The Whigs really found their sound, I reckon.

      And yes! Discipline is all well and good until you’re met with something like this! How very dare they release a triple LP set! Don’t they know I have other records to buy!!

      … they also announced a new album next year, so it was double awesomeness.

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