Art: Part 1

Aaron over at Keeps Me Alive was chatting at the weekend there about creating.  Finding time to not only listen, collect, and write about music, but to actually create his own stuff.  Whatever that may be.  That post resonated with me, which is pretty much why I’m posting this.

Y’see, for the longest time I’ve been saying to my wife that I wanted to get back into sketching and the likes.  It’s strange, cause she’s seen some of my ‘work’ that my parents had hanging on their wall, but in our 15 years together I’ve never so much as engaged with a sketch pad and pencil.  Which is a shame, I guess.  As she puts it, “if it’s something you enjoy you should do it”.  I guess I just always find something better to do with my time.

A while back I found my portfolio, which was pretty interesting, while equally not so much.

See, it was while doing my Highers that I decided art was no longer something I wanted to pursue.  Those two years kinda killed my enthusiasm for picking up the pencil.  I wasn’t all that interested in drawing random objects like, eh, tin openers.  I wanted to sketch other stuff.  Y’know, stuff that came from my mind or from my vision of the world.  During one of these Open Day things I learned that art school wasn’t for me either.  Which was something that had interested me for a long time.  I guess my attitude was a bit like Anakin Skywalker’s.  Why explore line and tone or have a shot of impressionism?  I wanted to do my own thing.

I like to call this one 'The Can Opener'
I like to call this one ‘The Can Opener’

Drawing was something that I used to do an awfy lot.  Pretty much whenever I got the opportunity – while chatting with friends on the phone, sitting on the bus on the way home, while listening to some music, and even in other classes.  Just whenever, really.  I generally had a pencil and some paper and I’d make it work.

I think I got the artistic side from my old man.  I don’t know whether he would say he was an artist, but I know he used to dabble in drawing, sketching, and painting when he was younger.  He still had a few sketches when I was a kid, though I guess he also gave it up.

Anyhoo, although the can opener wasn’t quite the last thing I ever drew, I never explored the images in my mind or my vision of the world.  Heck, I didn’t so much as go back to sketching folk from my favourite bands and what not.I think the last significant thing I ever really spent time on was a random selection of sketches of Kurt Cobain on an A2 size sheet.  I had this on my wall for a while, before it got packed away inside the portfolio.

Cobain (pencil - 1996 / 97 or so)
Cobain (pencil – 1997)

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Why am I sharing this?  Well, over the last few months I’ve enjoyed picking up some crafts and paint with the kiddo.  A few weeks ago I created my first, eh, piece of non-Photoshop art in a while.  It didn’t involve a pencil or sketching, but I really like it.  This was how I felt about this crazy mixed-up world.


I guess I’m sharing this whole art thing cause it might encourage me to stop procrastinating.

Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by.  Next time I’ll share some of the ol’ photoshopping shenanigans.