“Strange religion”: The March Record Round Up

I’ve been offline a few weeks with limited internet access (urgh) and limited record spinning (double urgh).  However, I have had coffee and still got some new records (which I have been listening to! Hurrah!).

What are they?  Oh, all right, then.

Causa Sui – Live in Copenhagen

My buddy JH posted about this one not so long ago, so I’d encourage you to head over to his place and read all about it (if you haven’t already).  Two very special gigs are spread across the 3LPs. Launch gigs for Euporie Tide and Return To Sky actually, so you can be sure of some heavy psychedelic jams.  Each vinyl comes in a sleeve plastered with sun-bleached images and housed together in a very lovely slipcase box.

It really is an incredible set which might just be my release of the year so far.  Capturing a band in the live setting is tricky, but my word have they done it.

Easily one of the best live albums I’ve heard.  Seriously, if you turn this up loud and close your eyes you might just feel like you’re right there.

Only 1000 of them, so head on over to El Paraiso (or record store of your choice) and get your hands on one.

Mark Lanegan Band – Bubblegum

When I got the record player a few years back I decided that I was gonna buy my favourite albums.  So, I decided to treat myself on my birthday and finally picked up the only Lanegan album missing from my collection (it’s the 2012 Beggars Banquet reissue, but I’m good with that).

It’s impossible to listen to this album with new ears given that I’ve been listening to it regularly for the last 13 years, so I’m not gonna say that it’s like catching up with an old friend.  Also, the album has always sounded very compressed, so I’m also refraining from saying it’s any different on vinyl.

But it does sound great.

And, well, it’s just great to have it on vinyl.

I continue my search for Lanegan’s Here Comes That Weird Chill.

So aye, there you have it.  New records!

What have you been buying?




    1. Given the sounds, Deutschland ain’t a bad place to stop, I guess.

      … and yeah, I’d encourage digging further into the sounds of Causa Sui. They’re a great band and are becoming one of my favourites.

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    1. There’s plenty on it to dig and, even though it’s a bit dusty, I reckon you would find stuff to dig (no Homme or Grohl).

      Return To Sky is a really accessible album, but I think this is heavier and filled to the brim with freak-out moments.

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    1. I think the similarities to Kyuss are what drew me to Return To Sky. Those vibes aren’t too present in some of the other stuff (or those I’ve heard so far), but that’s not a negative. Those ‘desert rock’ vibes are all over this one, too – suggesting it was the direction they were headed by the time they finished Euporie Tide.

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  1. Glad to see you back and posting, sir. That Causa Sui is something else, isn’t it? Such a beautiful set. And nice that you added to the Lanegan collection, too.

    Hope you’re settling in nicely to the new place!

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    1. Cheers, JH. Settling in nicely and slowly making the place home.

      The Causa Sui is really incredible. Hard to really put into words how great a job they done on this.

      Figured it was essential to add that missing Lanegan album before Gargoyle arrives in a few weeks!

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  2. mmmmm coffee & new records, deelish!
    I quite enjoy looking at record shelves J – I’m always fascinated hearing about what people are listening to (I ask my students every day, alas instead of LPs, they’re listening to those newfangled digit.al devices!)
    Nice to see Faith No More & The Flaming Lips together in perfect harmony!


  3. There’s that damn Causa Sui band again. I really need to get to them what with everyone talking about them!

    And Lanegan. That’s another one. I am so far behind!

    And what have I been buying? Well, I just wrote up my road trip, and I also got pristine LP copies of Rainbow’s Long Live Rock ‘N Roll, and Motörhead’s Ace Of Spades, so that’s some extra lovely right there…

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