“Check on Amazon cause it’d be roughly that much”


So, Mark Lanegan Band‘s Gargoyle was released on Friday.  I actually pre-ordered it a while back via that Amazon, but I cancelled the order on Friday as it hadn’t been dispatched and I needed my Lanegan fix.  So, I figured I would nab it while I was in town (I work in the city centre, y’see).  Seeing an opportunity, I heading to the local independent retailer at break (just a 5-minute walk from the office).

Now, I won’t go into it in too much detail, but despite having bought many things from that place over the years, I’ve had reason to avoid it for the last, well, a good few years.  Mostly cause they’re a bit rude and not even in the Jack Black from High Fidelity type of way.  Anyhoo, a few folks I know like the place and I figured I’d give them the benefit of the doubt.  Plus, I was gonna be the winner, cause I’d have Lanegan (plus I would have supported the indie brick and mortar place – go me!).

Anyhoo, I browsed the racks and didn’t see it.  Actually bumped into a chap I know who was also looking for it.  He was buying something else, so I ventured to the till with him and we enquired about it.  Hadn’t come in yet.   I could have visited another one of the record stores, but I thought I’d get it there if he was expecting it, so I asked the likely price (as you do).  Incredibly, he didn’t know!  What?  Don’t be absurd, I thought.  He actually suggested I “check on Amazon cause it’d be roughly that much”.  Clearly inconvenienced by the question (despite there being only two of us in the store).  I really shoulda said I would do that and I’d order it there while I’m at it, but I looked at my fellow Lanegan hunter and wished him well.

Fortunately, my fellow Lanegan hunter dropped me a line to say it was in Fopp for £20.  Pretty much the exact price it was on Amazon.  So, I got it.  Go me.

So much for supporting your local independent record store.

As for the album, well, initial thoughts are that The Guardian / The Observer are easily impressed.  It’s good, but, well, I keep hoping for one of Lanegan’s dusty records.  Don’t get me wrong, while there’s nothing as great as Phantom Radio’s I Am The Wolf or Torn Red Heart, it might just be more consistent overall.  There are some nifty vibes and a few outstanding songs… but I suspect it’ll really start revealing itself over a few listens.



    1. It’s a mini-HMV, Mike. Used to be a swell little indie place (though they had loads of stores), but it got itself in trouble and some of the stores got ‘saved’ by HMV (who ironically got themselves into trouble).

      Have you explored Lanegan’s catalogue yet?

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      1. Not to any depth yet.

        The correct answer for the guy with the brilliant pricing scheme would have been to stealthily check Amazon himself so his customers don’t think he’s a dumbass, and answer “roughly between x and y”.

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      2. I figured that he either didn’t order it or he was being an ass. There’s no way he wouldn’t have considered how much he’d be selling it for… wouldn’t make any sense to order records in and decide on pricing when they get there.

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      3. True that. We had a pricing schedule…if the cost was x then the sell price was y.

        Hehehe, I remember when that (the pricing schedule) came out…it was during the period when Bully wasn’t speaking me to me. I priced a bunch of albums wrong and she came at me yelling. I said “I’m following this sheet here!”…and she had done the sheet wrong. HEH. Did she apologize? Nah. She stormed off. Resumed not speaking to me. Awesome boss eh?

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      4. I thought so as well. And now I have Record Store Tales and I’m happy for it…so F you, bully!


        Anyway, yes, you usually have a set pricing scheme so things don’t go sideways and you actually make money.

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  1. That’s an unfortunate tale. Mostly unfortunate because Amazon is often more reliable than the brick and mortar.


    1. Amazon have done that a few times with new releases. I don’t mind too much if the ‘pre-order guarantee’ means I’m saving a few bucks, but otherwise you wonder what the point is.

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      1. Agreed. Amazon screwed me up for the first time last December and I was pretty jaded for a few months but they’ve somehow lured me back in again. I buy the records wherever I find them.

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      2. I like to support the artists, labels and indie stores when I can, but much like you, I’ll buy wherever I find them. Besides, often it’s too hard to ignore prices on Amazon.


  2. Sad when people can’t put the time in to help someone who is buying product to help their store out…
    Never understood it…
    Glad your psyched about this release J! Happy for ya!


  3. Reallly, the only thing that ‘bricks and mortar’ shops offer to compete with on-line is service. And that ain’t it.

    I’ve been waiting for a copy of Peter Gabriel’s “US” from one of my favourite stores. It has taken over six months (really! The last false start was them proudly presenting me with a copy of “UP”). Today I got an email saying it was in. I replied (cheekily, not angrily) that I’d really like a photo of the owner (who I’m very friendly with) holding the LP.
    Nothing so far…

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  4. I’m with Bruce here, its all about service, it’s being able to chat with knowedgeable borderline sociopaths like myself about obscure LPs. That was such an enormously ridiculous conversation to have. Screw ’em.

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    1. The only place I’ve ever had the experience of chatting about LPs and an artist (certainly these days) is in the Record Fayre. I haven’t even been there in months, though.

      But aye, regardless of how you look at this experience, it’s ludicrous. I will not be back.

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      1. Clearly.
        I like my “actual” record store but it’s downtown, so I have to pay for parking and hike through construction to get to it…and usually pay quite a bit more. But it’s in hand and I like supporting a local business. But I have turned to Amazon on occasion but need to be careful – it may list some records as In Stock but upon closer inspection it’ll say “usually ships within 2-3 months” – um, what?


      2. I’ve noticed that myself on the UK site on occasion, so tend to have a look about the Marketplace sellers when that’s the case. Luckily for me, I work near a couple of record stores if I’m after a ‘popular’ release like this.


  5. And people wonder why brick and mortar stores are closing down. Like many of your commentators have said it’s all about customer service. I wouldn’t be going back there either.

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    1. It’s a shame, isn’t it? All he’s done is ensure that I’ve told pretty much everyone I know about the experience… and that may impact on their decision to pop in there also.

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