Say Hello to Heaven

I was late jumping aboard the Soundgarden bus, but I spent a whole lot of listening hours with Cornell since I first heard that band in the mid-90s.  Nothing struck me or stayed with me quite like Superunknown, right enough.

… well, that and his contribution to Singles.  Man, Seasons was one of my favourites for such a long time and it’s still one that I tend to pick out for a listen.  When Soundgarden split I hoped Euphoria Morning would be like that one.  It wasn’t, but I learned that was no bad thing cause that’s a helluva great album.

I dropped off after the buzz of that first Audioslave album wore off.  In all honestly, I only paid a little bit of attention to stuff over the last 15 years, but I jumped back on the Cornell Express when King Animal landed.  I’m awfy fond of that album, y’see.

Anyway, I guess today’s been an odd one. Processing Cornell’s passing and reflecting.  The Moments he soundtracked coming into focus. 

While I didn’t love everything he put out, nor did I keep up with it, 38-year-old Jim obsesses over Superunknown, just as17-year-old James did.

He was a helluva talent.  A great songwriter, musician and one of the finest vocalists I’ve ever heard.  I still felt there was a lot more to come from him… another defining moment.  Not this, though.

But, y’know, it doesn’t matter how he left.  It matters that he was here.


20 thoughts on “Say Hello to Heaven”

  1. It’s such a waste of an incredible talent and human being. Think I’ll be spinning Badmotorfinger and Superunknown for most of the weekend coming up.

    Euphoria Morning. I think it’s such an underrated album. With Eleven’s(another underrated band, btw) Alain Johannes and Natasha Shneider on it and producing they gave it such a unique sound.

    Great post, bud.

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    1. I’ve been hitting Superunknown this morning. Still such a great album, even though it’s sprawling. Euphoria Morning lined up next.

      As for Eleven, I love the self-titled album. They were awesome. Have you heard Johannes’ solo stuff?

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      1. Sounds like some proper choices to spin. And I have heard Alain’s solo stuff. Really pretty brilliant, and one of Josh Homme’s go-to guys for years with the QOTSA albums.

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  2. Well said. He wasn’t as big a figure for me as he was for many others but he made his mark on music nonetheless. And that’s what he should be remembered for.

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  3. I was talking to a co-worker about the tragic loss of all the original grunge front men from the early 90s. Along with Cornell, Cobain, Scott Weiland and Layne Staley, they’re going to have to wrap Eddie Vedder up in cotton wool from now on. Sad day…

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    1. I was having a similar conversation with a friend of mine. I was into some of those alternative rock bands in a big way. They influenced me in a whole load of different ways at different times… of the frontmen only Vedder, Lanegan, Dulli and Perry Farrell remain. Sad times.

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