“New records are good, right?”: New Additions

I got some new records last week.  New records are good, right?  They are indeed.

I popped into the Record Fayre on Thursday afternoon determined to snag a copy of The Power Station LP that I’d seen in there during all my visits over the last few years.  Did I find it, though?  No I did not!

“… ah, the Duran boy? Went a while ago” said the chap as he stood up, “strange, cause I had about 10 of them downstairs… couldn’t give them away for so long”.  By this point he’s flicking through the 80s and 90s LPs.  I told him about how I’ve recently discovered its awesomeness.  He nodded, “I think a few others discovered that too”.  He did look through the Palmer records just to see if a copy was in there.  But there wasn’t.

Attention turned to a copy of the Burning Tree album he had priced at £2.  “Never heard of them” he explained ” …came in with a bunch of other stuff”.  Given my enthusiasm for the album, I suggested he change the price.  Told him all about it (stopping short of pointing him towards my piece of blah blah blah a while back).  He nodded approvingly “Is that right?”.  Sure is.

Although there was no Power Station goodness the dig wasn’t a disaster.  I spent £10 on two albums I’ve been after a while – Quicksilver Messenger Service’s Happy Trails (£8) and Guy Clark’s Old No. 1 (£2).  They’re 80s reissues, but they were in great condition (the Guy Clark LP looks like it’s never been played and came with the lyric inner).

Truth be told, I didn’t much enjoy Happy Trails as much as I remembered.  Maybe I just wan’t in the right frame of mind?  Great cover, though.  Plus, J. Jnr. was certainly enamoured by it.  Old No. 1 is brilliant, though (and a record I would have paid over £10 for on Discogs anyway if I hadn’t found it).  So it was a good record buying day.

I also met up with my ol’ pal (and right grumpy bastard™) Craig later on. It was the first time I’d seen him since his band, Dog Moon Howl, launched their new EP and the first chance we’ve had a chance to chat properly for quite some time.  Anyhoo, we discussed all sorts (with a focus on music, vinyl and Steven Seagal) and Craig had explained that he found another Jerry Reed album for me.

Now, there’s a fair chance that an album cover and title combo like this wouldn’t exist nowadays, but the music on here is really pretty wonderful.  Now, I dont know whether I mentioned this before, and I may not have, but Craig had gifted me Reed’s Ko-ko Joe a few years back and it’s established itself as a real favourite in the collection.  It also boasts one of my favourite album covers.  So yeah, I was really pretty delighted about this one (cheers, Craig!)

I got home late, listening to Soundgarden’s Superunknown on the train and thinking “fuck”.  But, y’know, I had records.  Records are good.