“New records are good, right?”: New Additions

I got some new records last week.  New records are good, right?  They are indeed.

I popped into the Record Fayre on Thursday afternoon determined to snag a copy of The Power Station LP that I’d seen in there during all my visits over the last few years.  Did I find it, though?  No I did not!

“… ah, the Duran boy? Went a while ago” said the chap as he stood up, “strange, cause I had about 10 of them downstairs… couldn’t give them away for so long”.  By this point he’s flicking through the 80s and 90s LPs.  I told him about how I’ve recently discovered its awesomeness.  He nodded, “I think a few others discovered that too”.  He did look through the Palmer records just to see if a copy was in there.  But there wasn’t.

Attention turned to a copy of the Burning Tree album he had priced at £2.  “Never heard of them” he explained ” …came in with a bunch of other stuff”.  Given my enthusiasm for the album, I suggested he change the price.  Told him all about it (stopping short of pointing him towards my piece of blah blah blah a while back).  He nodded approvingly “Is that right?”.  Sure is.

Although there was no Power Station goodness the dig wasn’t a disaster.  I spent £10 on two albums I’ve been after a while – Quicksilver Messenger Service’s Happy Trails (£8) and Guy Clark’s Old No. 1 (£2).  They’re 80s reissues, but they were in great condition (the Guy Clark LP looks like it’s never been played and came with the lyric inner).

Truth be told, I didn’t much enjoy Happy Trails as much as I remembered.  Maybe I just wan’t in the right frame of mind?  Great cover, though.  Plus, J. Jnr. was certainly enamoured by it.  Old No. 1 is brilliant, though (and a record I would have paid over £10 for on Discogs anyway if I hadn’t found it).  So it was a good record buying day.

I also met up with my ol’ pal (and right grumpy bastard™) Craig later on. It was the first time I’d seen him since his band, Dog Moon Howl, launched their new EP and the first chance we’ve had a chance to chat properly for quite some time.  Anyhoo, we discussed all sorts (with a focus on music, vinyl and Steven Seagal) and Craig had explained that he found another Jerry Reed album for me.

Now, there’s a fair chance that an album cover and title combo like this wouldn’t exist nowadays, but the music on here is really pretty wonderful.  Now, I dont know whether I mentioned this before, and I may not have, but Craig had gifted me Reed’s Ko-ko Joe a few years back and it’s established itself as a real favourite in the collection.  It also boasts one of my favourite album covers.  So yeah, I was really pretty delighted about this one (cheers, Craig!)

I got home late, listening to Soundgarden’s Superunknown on the train and thinking “fuck”.  But, y’know, I had records.  Records are good.


29 thoughts on ““New records are good, right?”: New Additions”

  1. Records are good. They force me to stop and really listen and be more engaged with the music. Reminds me of when I was in high school, ripping into a new cd, lying on my bedroom floor and reading all the liner notes and lyrics. I will never absorb music like I did back then.

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    1. Yeah. Hindsight tells me that was a big error. I know at least three people that would have appreciated that one.

      But I made a few errors. Biggest being leaving there without the Van Halen albums he had. Damn.


  2. Just had a quick look in the Man Cave. I have that Power Station LP. Apparently I am part of the “some” who like it hot. While I get it on. And bang a gong. Oh dear…


  3. Records are definitely good J. They’re your comfort blanket, the place you go to when the world is not a nice place. They never let you down…even The Power Station. Only kidding…they were a lot better than Arcadia IMO. I do like their cover of “Get It On” too.

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  4. “New records are good right?” – I trust that’s a rhetorical question J!
    I wasn’t instantly enamoured with Happy Trails (it’s on the 1001) but if J Jr. approves, perhaps I should revisit!

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    1. I’d definitely recommend sticking with it, though I definitely recall enjoying it more than I did on that recent listen. I think the kiddo liked the artwork and the rhythmic drums!

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  5. New records are not good. They’re awesome. I just bought a few myself last night.
    You’ll find that Power Station. They sold a ton of them. I see it regularly. Amazon UK has them as low as 4 bucks.
    I like Jerry Reed. I have a few of his albums. I may have to re check them though. He seemed like a funny, cool guy.
    It kind of sucks when your memory of an album is much better than the 2017 reality.
    I often get that too in my recollection of a “great” ’70s tv show. Then I re-watch it and hate it. Sound effects. Laugh trax. Bad acting. Cheesy dialogue. You really can’t go back.
    I hope J Jr. (JJ) likes kale. JJ Kale has a nice ring to it.

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    1. Hurrah! for new records. What did you pick up?

      I’m gonna order a copy of Power Station today or tomorrow from a store here that sells via Discogs. It’s about £2, so I’ll see what else they have so I can combine the postage costs. Yas!

      I’ve been really impressed with the Jerry Reed stuff I have (and the bits I’ve heard online). Also has some pretty impressive album covers!

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      1. I got Sallie Ford & The Sound Outside, Death Magnetic, Enter The Wu Tang, The Moles, Solange, Goodbye To Language (Danial Lanois/Rocco Deluca), The Growlers. Also 3 Canadian bands. Dead Tired coloured limited 7″, stoner rock band Chron Goblin limited coloured vinyl, and RSD limited cassette for Black Lungs.

        Phew. That is it for me. At least for a few days.

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      1. I think you’d recognise a few tracks if you were sitting down to listen to them. An great band for sure and this live album is an interesting snapshot.

        Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have bought it if the cover wasn’t so great.

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