Heavy Meet-up Overload

When I started this whole blogging thing a few years back, the purpose was really just to write about what I was listening to.  I didn’t really give much thought to whether or not folks would be interested enough to enter into discussions and I certainly didn’t imagine that I’d meet a whole bunch of great folks.  Over the last few years I’ve gotten to know a few folk a bit better and I genuinely would call them friends (we even call ourselves friends on facebook and suchlike).

I guess these connections are a positive example of social media actually working.  There’s no bullying and we’re not in the business of radiating genuine negativity.  We’re supportive and, y’know, it’s okay if we don’t agree on some things (I have decided that I don’t much rate AC/DC and I’m of the opinion that the Foo Fighters are no better than Nickelback).

During these last few years I’ve been introduced to a whole bunch of different sounds.  I fell in love with Van Halen, have become a fan of Sloan, rediscovered Iron Maiden, and have explored The Tragically Hip discography (among many others).  The friends I’ve made here have also been generous; sending music my way that they reckon I might dig (Left Lane Cruiser, Sloan’s A-Sides or Gallon Drunk) or know I’d dig (Scott Weiland’s 12-Bar Blues promo, Neurotic Outsiders or The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly).

Anyhoo, last week I met up with Mr HMO at one of Glasgow’s finest public houses.  He was there before me (again) and I found him propping up the bar.  It was another great night filled with laughs and good chat about music, writing, budgie training, oxymorons, and all the good stuff that life throws at us.  He also came with a bagload of records for me.

As I flicked through them I thought “oooft!” (that’s the positive use of the word).  I’m still somewhat overwhelmed by his generosity (I’m not so sure if I traded my soul for these, right enough).

What was in the bag? Well, this lot.

​Honestly, this gift is beyond awesome. So far I’ve enjoyed a hit of Humble Pie, The Allman Brothers Band and Scorpions’ Tokyo Tapes.  As you can see, there’s so much more to delve into! (I’m looking forward to checking out Dokken and Hanoi Rocks and rocking that Maiden live set).

Anyhoo, I guess what I’m saying is that I’m genuinely stoked to have met so many great people here. Folks who not only dig music, but are genuinely engaged with what’s going on with those around them. So thank you to you all.

As our pal Aaron says, Community!


55 thoughts on “Heavy Meet-up Overload”

  1. Yeah!
    Hey these albums were leaked a few days ago on Social Media….someone is a mole?
    Seriously this is a real cool haul of albums along with a great write up!
    I think Scott digs Oriental from Hanoi but for me its Two Steps as it was such a game changer for me as well back in 84….yikes!
    So cool enjoy this and make sure to review this stuff…..

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    1. Friends get an exclusive, Deke 😉

      But yeah, it’s a pretty incredible pile of records and I’m slowly making my way through them. I dare say I’ll write something about each when I get to know them a bit!


  2. WOW.
    Awesome. HMO and J in the same building. I hope the bar can handle all the new found traffic due to it being named a heritage site.
    Sweet haul. I say crank on the Fillmore East and soak in the slide work.

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    1. We’ll be making another appearance to unveil the commemorative plaque, I’m sure.

      That Fillmore East has been on a few times. That and Humble Pie totally blew my socks off.

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    1. Well, eh, that’s a good point. If it was one of your minions you should give him a day off, cause he was on fine form. He talked a lot about Danzig being the best and Dave Grohl being the root of the world’s problems.


  3. Christ – I met up with him in Liverpool and all I got was a love bite and half a pint of shandy. I’ve been tolerating him for years more than you have too! Not fair.

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  4. It’s so much fun to have a great big pile of music to dive into, but there’s another layer of niceness in just knowing someone thought of it especially for you.

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  5. Great selection to delve into. By the way, do you get the exclamatory “ooft” from Sheffield’s finest entertainer John Shuttleworth? Just a thought? nah you’ve probably never heard of him…or maybe you have?


      1. I don’t have that one, but if that’s anything to go by, I’m looking forward to hearing what the albums I have here sound like (I’ve only given Two Steps from the Move a cursory listen).

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    1. I’ve been reading that Allman’s piece. A band I’m glad I discovered… better late than never, right?

      Never received black eyes, but I have received cracked ribs. The records definitely trumped the cracked ribs.

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      1. The Fillmore album is great (haven’t heard the bonus tracks that have been on various reissues, right enough). Eat a Peach and Brothers & Sisters (?) are next on my list.

        Cracked ribs just ain’t fun. Nope. No fun at all.

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      2. I’m pretty happy with the recordings I have. Question for you. I take it you’re a little younger than CB, so in your listening time any contemporary bands in the same vein?


      3. I don’t think I’d throw anything I’ve heard in with the Allmans’. Maybe cause I’ve only recently started exploring their stuff and I’m not really too familiar with their studio efforts. I guess maybe ask me again in 6 months!

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