Some Like It Hot

My fondness of Duran Duran comes from my fondness of Guns N' Roses.  Not a link that some would make, so I'll risk boring those who can make that link by, well, detailing the link.  No need for any of that 6 degrees of separation shenanigans, either.  Here goes... GN'R's Duff McKagen and Matt Sorum … Continue reading Some Like It Hot


“Strange religion”: The March Record Round Up

I've been offline a few weeks with limited internet access (urgh) and limited record spinning (double urgh).  However, I have had coffee and still got some new records (which I have been listening to! Hurrah!). What are they?  Oh, all right, then. Causa Sui - Live in Copenhagen My buddy JH posted about this one … Continue reading “Strange religion”: The March Record Round Up