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“Not before Christmas!”: The December Record Round-Up

It’s been quite a year. The last few months have just whizzed past … a blur, you could say.  Brilliant, though.  Truly brilliant.  I still haven’t done too much of the crate digging shenanigans, but browsing eBay and Discogs at lunchtimes and in the wee small hours has made up for it.  I did also stretch the legs a few times, resulting in a brief lunchtime flick through the racks of Fopp. And I kinda broke the ‘not before Christmas’ rule by buying a couple of records.  But, I’m fairly certain that breaking the rule was a necessity.

Here’s why …
No Bells On Sunday / Yep
Mark Lanegan Band – No Bells On sunday (2014)

eBay – £12.02 (inc. postage)

This EP has been on my list a while. Ever since I missed the opportunity to get my hands on a copy via the Merge and Vagrant websites. I had to make do with a digital copy and kept an eye on Discogs and eBay for a reasonably priced copy appearing. Never did, though.  Until now.  I like Phantom Radio loads, but this is a great companion piece.  The first side is brilliant, and Sad Lover is one of my favourite recent Lanegan Band tunes – a mash of early Trees and Laneganonica.  Smokestack Magic is right awesome, too.

I Am What I Am: Celebrating 15 Years of Yep Roc (2012)

Fopp – £5

This really is a tremendous compilation. There’s some great folks on here and a bunch of tracks I already know really well.  The line-up includes Robyn Robyn Hitchcock, Nick Lowe, Chuck Prophet and Tift Merrit, as well as Fountains of Wayne, Minus 5, Dave Alvin, John Doe & The Sadies.  Also, I know some of my friends here will appreciate the addition of Sloan (Who Taught You To Live Like That?).  Anyhoo, as well as being a nice double LP, it comes with a download code for the album as well as 20 bonus cuts!  Bargain!

American Music Club – Mercury (1993)

Discogs – £11.49 (inc. postage)

One of my absolute favourites this one.  I’d been looking at the recent plain reissue, but spotted this on Discogs and I swiftly clicked all the buttons required to make the purchase.  Honestly delighted with this, too.  It sounds wonderful, a nice glossy inner sleeve and both the record and cover are in excellent condition.

So, that’s it.  The last ‘Record Round-Up’ of the year.  I’ll be having a wee think about my year end list shenanigans.  I’ve previously done two lists – one comprising of my top albums of the year and the other my favourite albums that I’ve added to the collection, but I’m gonna change it up this year and just combine those two lists.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays!  Hope you all have a ball wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.  See you in the New Year!


Are friends eclectic? The November records.

A couple o’ new records this month.  A couple I’ve been after for a while and I’m pleased to be able to change the list font to ‘strike-through.  Hurrah!  All in very nice condition and snapped up for a nice wee price.  So here goes.
first twoAC/DC‘s Back In Black and Replicas by Tubeway Army at £5 each

Two really great albums.  Spotted these in the Record Fayre and at £5 each I couldn’t resist.  Back In Black has a surface mark or two, but it sounds incredible.  Tubeway Army is a Dutch pressing.  Had to pick this up after recently being reminded of it’s sheer isolatingly mechanical awesomeness (say what now!?).
second twoThe Cars: Heartbeat City (sticker tear in the top left corner) and the self-titled debut by The Cars.

Interestingly I hadn’t thought about The Cars for a while.  Hadn’t really bothered much with anything beyond Candy-O, either.  Maybe a cursory listen.  However, another reminder of how incredible these guys are was timely, as I spotted Heartbeat City in the Record fayre for just £2.  The self-titled debut was picked up on Discogs for £1 (+ £3.50 postage) as it’s an all-timer.  A definite favourite (and you can expect a post about that in future now that I have the LP).
gentlemenThe Afghan WhigsGentleman.  The single LP ‘At 21’ reissue.  Looks like a replica of the original Sub Pop / Blast First UK release, too (£16.52 from Amazon).
last 2AC/DC‘s Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (£5) and Jeff Beck‘s Beck-Ola (a US 80s reissue by the looks of things – £6).

Record fair time at the Rutherglen Exchange.  I had a list of 8 records that I was hoping to see.  Unfortunately I only found one of them.  still, I had spotted Beck-Ola last time round and sorta regretted not buying it.  It’s a tremendous record.  Ol’ Rod in fine voice (still very much in the vocal extraordinaire stage) and a fantastic opener in All Shook Up.  So, £11 well spent there.

October purchase round-up

OctoberI’ve picked up a few records this month.  A mix of new and old.  Well, mostly old; Mark Lanegan Band’s Phantom Radio being the sole new release here.  The others came from visits to Mixed-Up Records and, as those who drop by regularly will know, my favourite haunt the Record Fayre.

I could have bought an awfy lot from Record Fayre, but given that I was heading into the studio later and already had enough to carry I decided to pick up just 3.  Johnny Cash’s Ragged Old Flag (70s-era Cash record and one that’s overlooked), Sinatra’s In the Wee Small Hours and a rather spiffy Hank Williams compilation.  The Sinatra grab was a happy one, as I’d been looking for that for a while.  Having spotted a bunch o’ records behind the counter I ask if they were waiting to be put out and was informed they were … and there it was in the last row.  £9 well spent and that’s exactly why I love the Record Fayre.

The Mixed-Up Records haul was the result of a browse of their Discogs.  One of those ‘has 52 items I want’ populating under the seller.  Man, that was fruitful!  Couldn’t believe I managed to get a copy of Slo Blo on vinyl for £1.99.  Plus, there was Harry Nilsson’s John Lennon produced Pussy Cats.  Happy days.  While in picking up my order I spotted Emmylou Harris’ Pieces of the Sky for £5.

Frank Sinatra – In the Wee Small Hours (£2)
Johnny Cash – Ragged Old Flag (£4.50)
Hank Williams – Greatest Hits Vol. 1 (£2.50)

Bryan Adams – Reckless* (£2)
Bob Marley – Legend (£3.99)
Cell – Slo Blo (£1.99)
Harry Nilsson –  A Little Touch Of Schmilsson In The Night (£1.99)
Harry Nilsson – Pussy Cats (£4.99)
Emmylou Harris – Pieces of Sky (£5) 

Mark Lanegan Band – Phantom Radio (£16.99)

* the Bryan Adams purchase came off the back of a number of conversations about Ryan Adams’ new self-titled release and the 30th Anniversary of Reckless.  Plus, Summer of ’69 was worth £2.

September Records (1 & 2 … there’ll likely be at least another one or so)

Bought a couple more records yesterday at the Record Fayre.  I honestly don’t reckon I’ve went in there for a look around and left feeling like it wasn’t a worthwhile endeavour.  Yesterday I unearthed a couple o’ wee bargains – Songs Of Leonard Cohen and a copy of Tattoo You, which just happens to be one of my favourite Rolling Stones albums.  Strangely enough, I was close to buying both of these albums last week at the record fair I’d dropped in on.  Would have cost me a fair deal more, too.  Double, actually.

I was actually more chuffed about getting Tattoo You.  Now, some might consider that peculiar and I certainly know a few folks who aren’t big fans of that particular Stones record.  However, I honestly think it’s an incredible record.  Surprisingly, it’s mostly composed of outtakes recorded during the ’70s (there’s also a couple that had been recorded during the Emotional Rescue sessions – another album that’s under-appreciated, I reckon).

Anyhoo, it was £7 well spent.  Can’t complain about that, can you?  Back to thinking about the next ‘All-timer’ post!

New vinyl records

A couple of new Additions over the last week.  Four of them.  Two being double LPs.  Popped into Mixed Up Records for the first time in a while last Saturday.  There’s been some changes since I last visited.  Subtle changes, but changes.  And they have some new records.  New as in brand new.  This is good.  Not because I’d necessarily hit the new records box.  It’s just nice to see a bunch of new records in an independent store.

Anyhoo, as always I spotted a whole host of stuff I could have spent money on, but I decided to opt for Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks (1975) and Violent Femmes debut (1983).  Blood On The Tracks is another of my favourite Dylan records, so it’s nice to have that.  In fact, it’s basically a toss of a coin between this and Highway 61 Revisited.  Violent Femmes is still a fine album.  Plus it’s got Blister In The Sun and Gone Daddy Gone on there.

Earlier in the day I had popped into my local delivery office to pick up a missed parcel from the day before. I was fairly excited about this, as it was The Afghan Whigs’ Do To The Beast.  First album in 16 years!!  Two LPs.  That’s four sides of new Afghan Whigs awesomeness.  The blow, though, was the skip during Royal Cream on side D.  Ouch.  Still, the album is a cracker and a replacement is on the way. So yeah the disappointment is somewhat eased.

The last of the 4 is probably my pick of the bunch.  Blues Funeral by the Mark Lanegan Band.  I’ve had this on CD, but since the record player entered the home it’s been on my list.  I was out a wander on Tuesday at lunch and found myself in a high street entertainment store.  They were having some ‘massive stock clearance’ with a mighty ‘up to 70% off’.  Usually means ‘selling-all-the-same-stuff-on-sale-that-we-can’t-get-rid-of-even-when-it’s-on-sale’.  In fairness it was much the same.  I had a look at the vinyl selection and spotted Blues Funeral.  A nice wee 10% off.  So, that was probably the best £15 I’ve spent in a while.

Blood on the Tracks – £7
Violent Femmes – £5
Do To The Beast – £16
Blues Funeral – £15